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Q: These days Quran can be downloaded on smar phone so is Azan and applications for Azkar. Cell phone are on the side of belt and at times like on airport etc we cannot leave cellphone outside so it goes with us in the rest room. With Sharia is it going to be disrespctful to Quran to have it on iphone or other smart phone when some times it goes to restroom or if I take my daughter in my lap sometimes her feet touches the cell phone even though it is un-intentional?

Jazak Allah Khairan.

Time: Sunday August 28, 2011 at 12:46 pm

A: So long as the Quan application is not open, there would be no problem with having the phone under the belt, etc. Although many may not find it disrespectful to walk into the restroom with such a phone, so long as the application is not opened, it would not be wrong to do so, more so if you have no other choice. Best to have the phone fully covered when entering the restroom, merely out of respect.

Be more selective in your ring tone selection, to have them played in the restroom would be inconsiderate and wrong.

Our of sheer respect for the fact that the application is present, even though not opened, do give the ‘iphone’ its due care and respect.

The more respect you show for that which Allah (SWT) loves, the more respect would be given to you,inshaAllah, Ameen.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.

3 responses to “Digital Quran

  1. Aslmua Alkume, like for example if have a Imam Shuraim recitation as my ring tone is that considered disrespectful to the Quran. Taking into account the chance it might go off in the bathroom. f

    • waliakumsalam,
      place it on silent or vibrate mode before you go to the bathroom/toilet. This would be most rewarding, instead of doing acrobats whilst in the restroom in an attempt to shut it off.

  2. Assalamu alayikum,
    We should treat the Quran – digital or not – with utmost respect as these are the words of Allah (swt) and therefore are the best of words.