Does Imaam turn hacker?

Q:Why do you steal people’s ip addresses and hack into people’s computers?
Time: Friday April 22, 2011 at 9:48 pm

A: To accuse is a major sin.
Kindly redirect your email to our Admin. Also direct your email to the authorities.
Although i appreciate your confidence in my computer skills, i stand confidant that i have not taken part in any foul play as it relates to any individual that has dealt with us on any capacity. As far as our computers and technologies go, i am sure you are aware that everything a Muslim does is possibly and probably well monitored. I therefore request that you contact the appropriate authorities to have your matter resolved.
Those that are part of the Muslim community, mainly those that associate with me know well that i am the most illiterate person as it relates to computers and technologies. Not proud of this fact, just a reality. I have my interests elsewhere. To many, this question has functioned as humor. Even though i am not humored, i again request you take this matter to the appropriate authorities.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. kindly click on the above link to see my views on hacking.
Why such a delay in response? I did not know if the question was a prank or one of seriousness.

3 responses to “Does Imaam turn hacker?

  1. Assalaamu’Alaykum,
    We can safely say that neither the Admin nor the Imaam have turned hacker. This Admin isn’t even remotely hackerish, and wouldn’t know where to begin hacking.

    Additionally, there is no record of your IP address anywhere in our records, except for this first communication with us…so if anyone hacked your computer before this email to us, it would have to have been someone who actually had your IP address. What do I know, though…I’m no hacker.

    Hope that helps ease your mind. If not, perhaps you might want to get a consultant and, as the Imaam suggested, the authorities to look at what’s going on with your computer. Best of luck to you. Khair, insh’Allah.

    Wa salam

  2. FYI- I had a hacker a few years back and had FBI involved.
    It was pretty serious and led to the U of U person whom I decided not to pursue any legal action because it would ruin a youth’s life. You probably have the wrong Imam, unfortunately, our Imam Mehtar also shares a first name with another one in the Greater Salt Lake Area. I suggest you look at your contacts within the Muslim community that have good computer skills and the authorities are always willing to help against a Muslim; no Muslim should behave in this way so, do what is right. Good luck.

    • In all fairness, let’s not get into the similar name game, grime or grumble. People know who I am (by now!) Thanks to local media coverage, this has been taken care off!
      Bottom line: hacking is a major issue. Get the correct people involved to resolve the matter. If this is what is being said, I totally agree with you.