comments can be a sensitive matter

Q: To what point we2take comments of those that place comments2wht u sy. 4xampe wht cn publc ask n not ask2u as Imaam? Also are you linked to people that place comments? Is xxxx xxxxx (comment gives name withheld) your personal representative. Also whts about the nonmulims viewing the site n now we msut not ask tis n only that?  … (text)


  • Sorry to cut the length of your comment off, kindly limit words sent to text. Anything placed in ‘comments’ are merely comments from the general public. If you find it beneficial, you may read them if you so wish. It does not overrule my original answers or thinking. It is just a comment.
  • Am I linked to those that have placed comments? They are not admin nor personal family of mine nor appointed by admin, myself or the Society. However, like many of those that place comments, many do so due to wanting the best for the public. However, some of it must be taken with a grain of salt.
  • Would you listen to a person talking about building classic cars if their specialty was shoe repairs? Sure, you would politely listen, but that is about it. Same here with the comment box for majority (not all) of those commenting.
  • As for the site and its viewers, my loyalty is to those that requested its origination and shared its primary support when it first started and assisted in its continuation through questions and comments.
  • As for my nonMuslim audience, I appreciate them viewing, however, with them I prefer one on one interaction. I do not have the resources to focus and shed lengthy responses to them. I am not into the conversion game either. Thus, this site alone would not be of best help to you. This site would help nonMuslims understand that Islam is more than what media depicts Islam to be — we are a simple yet rule governed people that have a rich background to what we do/do not do.
  • NonMuslims and those opting for the ‘modern approach’ generally prefer ‘diplomatic responses’ and are sensitive to general responses we often lend out. This site is not really for ‘diplomacy building,’ it is to say what needs to be said as per dictates of religion in the quickest manner possible with the option for our audience to choose.

Do not feel restricted in what you folks ask, you do your thing and let those that are sharing comments do their thing. Good added insight never hurt anyone — if it is really good

We appreciate both parties equally. It’s an open forum, it’s the internet folks. Use your judgment wisely. Welcome abroad.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

4 responses to “comments can be a sensitive matter

  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum. A scholar, is a scholar, is a scholar. We ask questions of the Imam to get advice according to the teachings of the Holy Quran. Comments, including mine, are reflecting my opinion on how it may be easier to apply based on living in the U.S. and being a mother or just comments on the topic. I, also, do not wish that the Imam be pitted against another Sheikh or Imam because everyone has a different way of explaining something. In person, a conversation takes place and discussion and then advice given, through internet is a shortcut of points and references and direct advice based on the little you disclose. Either case, each Imam should be given their respect. I comment with no offense to people just , direct comments because it is the internet, not a conversation that allows the ability to discuss. As for Non-Muslims, it is not easy to answer your questions in short form, it would be like asking us to tell you what the
    Holy Bible says in 250 words or less. Not justice for our faith, interaction would be better to explain. Interfaith work requires knowledge of our faith and other faiths, patience, tact, time and the ability to provide proper references. Thank you Imam for your great response as to the purpose of this website. We are all anonymous on this website so, Imam does not instruct my comments and probably would only block them out if I was doing something wrong according to Islam.

  2. I enjoy reading this blog and many of the comments. I am a new reader. I seldom comment, because I am an outsider, but it’s nice to be welcomed. I hope I have not alienated anyone when I have chosen to comment.

  3. This is not a comment, but a question, since I cannot find the proper form for submitting a question. My question is whether all imagery is wrong, such as art. I enjoy Impressionism very much, and it does not cause me to desire to worship, adore, or even venerate that which is painted. Also, are all television shows wrong and forbidden? What about music? Music other than the Holy Qur’an being chanted (which is quite beautiful by the way).
    Thank you for your input.

    • *art is allowed and encouraged, books are replete as it relates to art work and the Arabs, etc. It must all remain non-animate.
      *we do not worship art, art can function to motive us to be better than who we are. Shares with us richness to a people, etc.
      *TV that is of no use should be avoided according to Muslims and nonMuslims. Read up on the negative impact of media on the human mind.
      *Music and reading the Quran with a good tone are separate matters. Music enhances hypocrisy (hadith-paraphrased.) Beautiful tonal reciting of the Quran with rules of such recitation is permissible. Music uses instruments that calls for its abstinence. Quranic recital does not use instruments thus its permissibility.

      Appreciate your query. Glad to clarify.