i feel im missing some thing


Assalamualikum Brother Imaam,

Brother Imaan i have question which relates to my soul,,,. In my special days ( means womens special days) i cannot pray .which is very clear . but my soul is not satified. i feel  uncomfertble. i feel im missing some thing . when the time of salah comes , i feel my soul is hungry. i want to ask how i can satify. can i do zikher. can i read quran by not touching.

May Allah reward you for all your efforts.


Time: Monday May 31, 2010 at 10:26 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Allah (SWT) has gifted you with the special quality of His rememberance. Consider yourself fortunate.

You are recommend to do the following — mainly to prevent yourself from letting go of the salah later on or becoming lazy regarding salah once your ‘special days’ are over. It is merely advice shared and i hope you would give it consideration.

* Sit on the rug (or place you pray at) when the time of prayer has arrived, however, since you cannot pray due to your menses, you can merely perform zikr instead. Likewise, reflect upon yourself, your character and how you can always be a better person to everyone. Or/and,

* When the time of salah has arrived, spend a few minutes merely making istigfar. This would wash away sins as a result of previous occurrences. Or/and,

*You can also continue to soften your heart with reading/sending saluations upon Rasulullah (SAW) during ‘this time of the month.’ This would give you added spiritual strength.

* During salah time, get hold of a book that mentions sayings/stories of saintly woman and read them. A minimum of five minutes of such reading can change your life. It can also inspire you immensely. It would make you talk about more positive things in your life. (Men can follow this advice as well once they have prayed their fard salah!) Or/and,

For negative thoughts to come to you regarding menses is from shaytan. Do not let evil whispers toy with your mind and spirituality. Allah gives each gender a challenge. Each must live up to its challenge and do the best they can in their given situation to overcome matters that relate to them.

We sincerely appreciate you taking out the time to send in your query. We cannot thank you enough for your patience. May Allah continue to guide you and keep you amongst His choicest of servants, Ameen

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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  1. JazzkAllahu kharina Imam,
    What about touching the quran in that situation? According to the Shaifi I was taught that you could touch the quran but recommended to touch it with cloth? Can you clarify that please?

    JazzkAllahu kharian imam!