woman cannot go for 40 days

Q: Is it true that a woman cannot go for 40 days to the mosque after she gives birth?  I would like to go for eid prayer. Also no adult relations for a woman that gives birth? (Text)


  • Post natal bleeding is called nifas. The rules of nifas for a woman would be no different to the rules of menstruation, with that exception that it could last up to 40 days. However, if prior to 40 days her bleeding fully stops, she would merely have a bath and start doing things a regular woman does: pray, spousal intimacy, if necessary she may go to the musjid, etc.
  • If bleeding does not fully stop within the first forty days, then in such an instance she would wait for its stopping with the cut off being 40 days as the limit, thereafter any such bleeding would be viewed as istihadah. For a woman that has had a child prior, she would return to her habit (the bleeding time period for the previous child.)  The extra days would count as istihadha. (if unclear, kindly re-ask)
  • As far as eid prayer is concerned, during the times of fitna, it is not highly recommended that woman attend such events, however, if she is not taught what is necessary in the home by her husband, brothers, father, etc, and she knows she can benefit from this added religious knowledge from the musjid/eid prayer, than she may attend. She must attend in a modest manner that does not expose herself to strangers.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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