Bismillah is more than a mere number

Q: Salam Alaikum,

What is the significance of “786” in Islam? I heard that it has something to do with Bismillah.
Please clarify.


A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Every thing has value. Likewise,  every number has value. Some have linked the numbers of 786 to mean Bismillah.

  • A believer does not accept this numbering system as infallible. Some have little regard for such a numbering system. However, although the usage of 786 is not even within the remote likes of the actual phrase written in arabic, i recommend its usage coupled with an intention merely to avoid desecration of the original phrase or having the original arabic discarded or touched by impure hands or disrespect.

Case: Occasionally i also see the phrase of Bismillah written on wedding cards, baby shower cards, etc. This is an insult. In summary, Bismillah (original Arabic version) connotative that Allah is part of the give action that is being taken part in. Thus, to use this phrase and have haram done at the place of nikah or part of its ceremony with the mere intention that they incorrect behavior is indeed correct can seriously jeopardize ones faith. Do wrong if you chose, do not allege Allah (swt)  is part of it.
Use this phrase with sincerity. Act upon its implication and i promise you that it would do wonder for you.
Allah certainly Knows Best.

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