quran and technology

Q: السلام عليكم

1)Can I read Quran from my phone without wudu?
2)Can I read Quran from my phone if i can’t pray ?
3)Can I finish my  khatma Quran if i can’t pray ,reading it from my phone ?

Jazakum Allah kair
Time: Saturday August 13, 2011 at 11:18 am
Answers: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Option 1: You can read the Quran from your phone without whudu, so long as you are not touching the phone while the quran application is running. Same with laptop and pc.
Option 2: Due to the prevalence of of such applications,  there are scholars that allow you read from an iphone like application without whudu, so long as you are not touching the quranic (arabic) portion.
Regarding option 2,  i feel option 2 should only be utilized as an exception and not as a rule. For example, a person that cannot keep their whudu due to an illness, yet they must read the Quran to keep it in memory, etc. in such an instance the iphone would be an option. Respect and nobility towards the quran remains essential. Touching it without whudu can gradually reduce the value of the Quran in true believers, something a believer cannot afford to do.
Answer2: If you are in the state of janabah (major impurity-hadase akbar), you cannot touch nor read the quran. If the Quran must be read, it can be read in the mind, so long as the tongue is not moving and you do not have the application open while you are touching the phone. Allah has made matters easy for people that are in the state of impurity, therefore they should read some other tasbeeh. Allah (SWT) is Kind and He would reward you based on the purity of your intention and good actions.
Answer3: same as A2
Allah Certainly Knows Best.
p.s. listening to the Quran is also rewarding, likewise, read tafseer of authentic scholars if you are in a state that limits you to read Quran. Merely do not touch the Quranic (arabic) parts, just read the tafseer and enjoy listening.

3 responses to “quran and technology

  1. Asalaamualaykum,

    I have a follow up to this Q.

    Is there the same or less benefit when reading from these devices compared with a paper book??

    I just got a smart phone and it has a super neat Quran app (myQuran, to those interested) but if there’s less benefit, I don’t know if I should buy it (It’s also super expensive). The benefit of this app is that it comes with lotsa renowned Quran reciters, memorization workouts, tafseers, transliteration, and even Arabic learning.

    JazakhAllahKhair, me

    • walaikumsalam,
      If read with the same respect and same rules of the Quran, then inshaAllah your reward would be more, for the temptation to do wrong with such devices is also greater.
      Yet, if a person sacrifices these devices in exchange to read on paper, then the reward would be even more supreme — one for not letting this device be a distraction, (charging and battery issues, etc.) and the other for the added effort of reading from paper, respecting the Quran and its handing which demands greater care, etc.
      Both would be valid.

  2. Sajdah and Menses

    Assalamu Alaikum Imam,
    when one is in their menses,
    1. can they do sajdah during the time they are doing dhikr to feel closer to Allah(s.w.t) and even make dua in that position?
    2. What should they do when they are listening to Quran and a verse of Sajdah comes, do they make it up after they are done with thier menses and do ghusul.
    May Allah(s.w.t) reward you for all your efforts inshallah. Ameen.