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Q: Assalamu alikum sheikh,
1) I have a question regarding botox. I’m 20 years old and am always stressed out due to school, im doing pre-law, anyway, i’ve been told that stress will bring wrinkles sooner than you expected. 2) My questions is; is botox or anti wrinkle creams permissible in islam? Im not planning on using it because of wrinkles due to old age, but of stress.
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smoking hookah?

Q: As-salaam-alaikum.  I want to know is smoking permitted in Islam and thereby hookah?
Thank You.
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funny faces while lifting weights is to resembles the worst of beast

Q: Is bodybuilding and competing harem, in accordance with the laws of chastity and modesty? Are there any exceptions for men or women? And is going to bodybuilding competitions considered harem? “buff dude-or dudette’
Time: Sunday January 30, 2011 at 7:20 pm
1-can a muslim women be friends with a guy if no why?
2-can women in islam go to the gym to excess?
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I really don’t want to get ‘high’

Q: at hospital a cancer patient is told that if she smokes medical mirajuna it would help reduce her bad conditions, increase her appetite and reduce her pain and also help with intake of legal medication. Without going into the details can a person use an intoxicant if it is haram? She is refusing and her parents are pushing for her recovery.  Can we benefit it from a haram product? This is the debate we are undergoing and need you to bring closure to this matter form a fiq point of view (Email and phone query seeking a written response) Continue reading

bald is not beautiful (to some)

Q: Can a person transplant hair from their body and use it on their head to get the bald spot concealed? (email) Continue reading


Question: Assalamu alikum wa rahmatulla Imaam,
I have two different concerns (I’ll try to make them short):
1-I am a girl, can I do a CPR for a guy if I had to? I would love it if you provide the point view of our beloved Imaams Shafie and Hanafi.
2-I had a dream that I was in a battle between Muslims and non-Muslims, it was dark but a little bright, meaning either Fajir or Magrib time. HORRIFYINGLY enough, I was with the side of non-Muslims. I felt very young when I was fighting the Muslims. The non-Muslim side won, and while I was looking through the dead bodies, :'(  I saw the body of my beloved Khalifa Abu Bakir! (I wasn’t able to see his features, but everyone in the dream knew it was the Khalifa) he was laying on the ground, and I stared crying so hard. I screamed for help, I tried to do something, but I wasn’t able because Abu Bakir (may Allah be pleased with him) was with the Muslims side, and I was with the messed up side, I didn’t figure out what were they other than enemies. When I woke up ya Imaam, my tears where all over my face in the middle of the night, and I couldn’t go back to sleep, because I felt like Allah subhanahu is telling me through my dream that I am hurting my Ummah some how. Is that right? can you
tell me what the dream meant? or at least what should I do?

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United in Service for Humanity

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