Saudi Arabia say that condoms are haram

Q: I heard a mufti in Saudi Arabia say that condoms are haram. Can you explain this for me please. I am just trying to make sense of why one would think it is haram. This question does concern me because i am married. So it does apply. Thks. salam

A: The idea of condoms in western culture appears to function in promoting promiscuous behavior. Thus, if an item is creating more evil than good, a diligent mufti can deem it as haram — so as to cut the roots of a given items evil/(and or usage.)  Likewise, many that use it do so with the intention of limiting child production. In Islam, we believe that children are a blessing and contribute to family prosperity and not ‘family poverty.’

Best you address the ‘mufti’ directly. I am not a mind reader. Many scholars could relate to the above reasoning.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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