We have recently changed our 3 yr old boy’s name. We already had an aqiqa after his birth. Do we have to have another aqiqa for his new name?

Thanks for arranging this helpful website for all.

A:وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Pointers relating to a new born baby:
  • Aqeeqah is to save the child from evil. For boys it is two shares of an animal from a seven share animal, or two animals that comprise of one share each (ex: 2 sheep etc.) If Allah has not blessed one with with the resources of sacrificing two animals for a boy, (one for girl) then in such a case you can sacrifice one animal for the boy.
  • Aqeeqa is not to the naming of a child.  We do agree in naming a child after people that you would like the child to emulate and represent. We must chose names that would make a child prod of who they are. Name a child in line of  a great pious person you admire.
  • https://islaminaction.wordpress.com/category/questions-and-answers/aqeeqah
  • May Allah bless this boy. Kindly take this boy to a pious person, elder etc. and try and perform the tahneeq. This is a procedure wherein a scholar or pious person (thus not always a scholar!) would make dua then place a piece of date in the scholars mouth, chew gently on it, then place that very date in the child mouth to gently lick. This is part of sunnah.If no person is around or scholars are lazy to do it for you, then you can do it yourself.
  • Also kindly ensure that the childs head is shaven.
  • The Azaan is also given (gently) in the child’s ears.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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