please at least let the dead rest in peace!

Q: we have a serious issue at our burial committee. There is a brother that was in prison. He just got out 2 yrs after his mother died. He wants to move the body to his state. This would require the dead to be transported to another satate. Can this be done? It is also very costly. can we give him zakah money to help the situation. Please answer quickly. (text)

A: Such a removal of the dead as depicted by you is not permissible. (Shaami volume 1, see page 602.) {Borrowed copy} Doing so would constitute a sin.

Your zakah for such a purpose would not be valid.

Allah certainly Knows Best.

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  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum. In this country to move bodies across state lines you must embomb the body which is not allowed in Islam. This is why we should never request to be buried somewhere in particular because we are to be buried within 24 hours of death and where ever we die. This decison becomes quite a burden for family left behind and those family members that think that our countries to take back bodies is most important don’t understand the idea of death in Islam. Think, we do not mark graves, we do not celebrate anniversaries of deaths so, why does it matter if we take the body back to a particular homeland? As a parent, I hope not to place this burden of decision for contention between my children or lack of following Islam. Imam provides the most valued knowledge of these matters. May Allah (swt) provide her “janaat firdoz”, a place in paradise.