life is rough — till the end

Q: Salam brother Imaam,

I was too sinful. What sins I did I think I don’t have to mention it, as its the matter between me and Allah (SWT).
But I have asked forgiveness from him, and I know he forgive you if you ask it from your heart, and not to do all those sins.
Now I am scared to attempt any sin. I try to keep my self away from the sins. I’m trying to be better as i can. since than even if any problems comes to me, I don’t feel it. because the first word come out of my mouth is that ALLAH is with me , and he will take care of me. and all my worries goes to Allah’s hand. some time i feel Am i normal? I really don’t get upset at all.  I have lots faith on Allah , but when i look around people getting upset , then the question comes in my mind, am i normal or not? please help me.
and last thing i want to ask, i always have a trouble getting in salat Al Fajr and when salat Al Isha time i feel m self too lazy and tired. but then i make my self to pray . I want to finish this thing.
Please Brother Imaam , help me on this , May Allah makes every thing easy for you here and there after . Ameen

Time: Wednesday May 4, 2011 at 1:11 pm

Answer: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

The struggle you are undergoing is normal.Whenever a person undergoes any positive change, they are sometimes able to attain great levels of perfection as it relates to faith. However, shaytan always tries to outsmart the person doing good. For example, in a twisted manner shaytan would assist a person in being more honest, generous, gives you the idea of performing salah (nafl) all night — all this so you can miss fajr (fard) or let go of the more important duties for the lesser significant tasks. Shaytan is smart, he knows the value of fard (compulsory) is greater then all nafl (supererogatory prayers) put together. Thus, you must do what needs to be done but with a sense of knowing the religious value of each thing you are doing. Or else you stumble upon the ploys of shaytan.

In essence, you are undergoing a struggle no different from anyone else. However, you have one major advantage, you have changed greatly — to the extent you have changed, to that extent shaytan is to attack you. There is no better attack on a believer than seeing them lapse in Isha and/or fajr. As we are aware, if one chooses to have a reduction is barakah (added blessings from Allah,) they must intentionally miss the fajr salah!

I am sure you would feel good knowing that you are on the correct pathway, this should also motivate you to not miss out on the great good you are doing. A struggle is sometimes good, it means shaytan wants to bring you down while Allah (SWT) continues to assist you to being the best. This should make you perform even better. Do  not let grief bring you down spiritually nor should you despair int he Mercy of Allah (SWT.)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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