time of death or time of burial?

Q: My mum passed away on Jummah Zohr. Due to some delay with mortuary and medical matters we could only burry her after isha. Is she amongst thouse that died on fiday? Or the next day since our day starts at magrib? Is it true that passing away on Friday would eliminate azab (punishment) of the grave? (email)

A: Your mother is a blessed person, Ameen.

Your mother would be viewed as having passed away on Friday, for her soul departed on Friday.

To delay a burial without a valid reason is a sin, however, this delay does not affect the time of departure for the soul.

The punishment of the grave can be eliminated by Allah (SWT) if Allah (SWT) Wishers. The better interpretation of the Hadith as it relates to the removal of the punishment of the grave and its link to Friday is as follows:  One cannot guarantee total emancipation of punishment nor can one deny its existence for the one passing away on a Friday. Based on the persons piety, one can say: passing away on Friday would make matters easier as it releates matters of the grave.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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