Jannah or Jahanum

Q: Salam alaikum Imam,

It is in the grave that we know if we are going to Jannah or Jahanum, right? Then will those that know that they are going to Jannah still worry on the Day of Judgment or will they be relieved?

And what does it mean by some groups of people being able to go to Jannah years earlier than others?

Jazakallah in advance
Time: Thursday April 28, 2011 at 10:45 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

1) Once a person is shown their abode of Good (jannah) they would be at ease. Just like when a person is told, I would get you a better place of employment, this statement alone: I would get you a better employment does not mean you are employed by a new company; yet just the thought of getting a better job makes one feel better. Similarly, being shown the Good abode would make one feel better, and thus, from Hadith we learn, such knowledge would make a person rest in tranquility.

2) The worry on Qiyamah would be different. One reason would be due to a person not wanting to be exposed during the questioning process by their Beloved. Also, the concern of the hour would be so great, that whatever positive was in ones mind, it would vanish. By example, we know that a true lover knows that their lover loves them, yet, a true lover still suffers the anxiety of knowing that if an evil past would come forth the current lover/husband/wife would not be proud. Knowing a loved one would still love us but now be proud creates concern. For a believer, his/her worry is more our love then just fear alone. (this is one answer out of the many!)

3) In surah waqiya Allah (SWT) mentions that some groups would advance prior to others. This is because they used to perform their salah on time, take pride in all their religious matters, be first to do every type of good action/deed. Thus, on the Day of Judgment they would be awarded the added privilege of entering before those that were negligent.

Similarly, the poor would enter before the wealthy because the wealthy would be answering questions regarding their wealth;  the poor due to them not having much would not need to answer much relating to their finances and thus would be privileged with an earlier entrance.

Good questions, May Allah (SWT) bless you.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

Dictated by the Imaam #745

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  1. Aslmua Alkume, I know this wesite is not here for our plesure and requests. However, I would prefer these kind of questions rather than there is this girl I like is it halal is it haram.