gelatin debate. Keep it simple, you are what you consume

Q: Is gelatin in general halal? Can we eat the gelatin from a halal animal that is not slaughtered in the name of Allah? Pig gelatin halal? Under what conditions would gelatin be halal or haram?(phone in query)


1) to eat the gelatin of an animal that is inherently impure is forbidden (i.e. pig, etc).

2) To eat the gelatin of a halal animal (cow, sheep, etc) that is slaughtered through halal methods is absolutely permissible.

3) If the halal animal was slaughtered in a haram (forbidden) manner, then two opinions exist:

  • ) The change of the halal animal (sheep, etc) from its original state as it relates to its fat (gelatin) composition must be irreversible in nature, then this would render its consumption halal. However, if the gelatin change was not drastic in its internal composition, its consumption would be forbidden.
  • ) A second opinion asserts that if the foundation is haram due to its forbidden slaughtering process,  then everything that comes thereafter should also be abstained as it relates to consumption.

Our opinion:

Choice 1) We prefer to go on the side of safety and opt for having people refrain from eating that which is not slaughtered in the name of Allah and also stay away from pig derivatives when substitutes exist.

Choice 2) In line of substitutes such as pectin and other plant and sea plant derivatives, we recommend such substitutes be used when an alternative to a haram meat-product-derivative exits.

Choice 3) If no substitutes exist and using gelatin is out of absolute necessity, then one may use the halal animal that was not slaughtered in a halal manner as a choice in comparison to eating pig derivatives; one can only use pig derivatives as a final and last resort for a situation that constitutes  absolute necessity (life and death situation as found in some medicines, etc.)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

Its from a Muslim, so it must be halal. Eh?


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