some audience members have LONG memories

Comment: Sometimes we hear things and they do not add up. I cried when i heard this. Imaam we hear so much and forget so much. imaam it took this video to change my life. plese listen to it:  I heard this and hadith jibrea and kahtija radiallahanha it would help ur students to get a better perspective IA on our Beloved mother and prohet salalahualyhewasalam. Wasalamualykum (email)

A: We are told that the background does not comprise of music. Your tears are valid. May they be blessed. Ameen.

(for our students, this applies to your lesson on the arabic text as it relates to: How Revelation Began – by Imaam Bhukari.)



One response to “some audience members have LONG memories

  1. Masha Allah. Pity it buffers so much but the point is made and Alhamdulillah, it increases ones love for our Nabi S.A.W. Aren’t we so honoured to be of our Nabi S.A.W.’S ummah?