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Q: I am a muslim woman and wanting to marry muslim man but my parents wont allow that marriage. I am crazy in love with him and I want to be with him even though I dont want to disappoint my parents. 1) Can I marry him without their permission? 2)oh yea n i have commit zina with him n 3) i want to repent to allah n just get married to be safe from that..

Time: Tuesday October 12, 2010 at 4:23 am

A: 1) You do not want to disappoint your parents, but yet to prefer to disappoint the Creator of you and your parents. Under general conditions, you must seek out their permission. Your situation is soaked in adultery, if it cannot be avoided and you feel that nothing cannot stop you both even after trying, then you may pursue marriage as a remedy from sin.
2) You seem to so nonchalant about the aspect of adultary. ( As you have said: ‘oh yea n i have commit zina with him.’ ) Since zina has been committed, its better you both get married instead of marring someone else (since both of you may possibly mess up other peoples lives.) Explain the need to get married to your parents and move on without committing greater sins.
3) Kindly read this for your third query.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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