experimenting is fine *between spouses*, breaking your cherished values is not

Q: I just wanted to ask when a man and women are married in islam is it allowed for a husband to experiment with sex on his wife? For example they Continue reading

mehr and kula are seperate issues

Q assalam alaikum,
my sister-inlaw took khula from my brother and is refusing to return the mehr. Continue reading

Out of town

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Many of you might be aware by now that the Imaam will be abroad for a couple of weeks. As such, he needs you to please not text his phone while he is away. You are still welcome to email him via his gmail or yahoo accounts, and he will respond as best he can, inshAllah.

To students who have requested letters of recommendation: the Imaam wants you to know that you will be receiving them via email, inshaAllah.

Jazakumullah khair.

و السلام

cannot always mix oranges with apples

Q: Can i offer my fard salah behind a person reading non fard salah.  In our musjid when someone comes late and i am reading my nafl a guy would come Continue reading

‘go away jinn, go away jinn’ and ‘come inside imaan, come inside imaan’

Q: asalamualaikum,

Can jinns enter into the heart of humans? like literally the heart? how to get rid of a muslim jinn in the body. ruqya quran does not seem to work due to the jinn reciting along.????????? Continue reading

good idea or bad

Q: shaadi (marriage) without istkhikara is good idea or bad
istikhara ka saath shaadi Continue reading

‘guidance and clarification’ sort

Q: As Salam Alaikum Maulana Sahab,
I am very confused and need guidance and clarification in detail about how things work behind human sights. Continue reading