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our open policy always seeks out open minds

Q: Salam Alaikum
I am writing to humbly request your help in organizing a field trip to Khadeeja Mosque on Friday, March 4, 2011 inshallah.
I teach at Granger High School where we have just put up an association for the learning of Arabic Culture. The first purpose is to gather our Muslim students, but we can’t use any religious denomination in a school stting.
Part of the activities include visiting an Arabic exhibit at the U of U and continuing at the mosque the same day. The tentative schedule says we should be at the mosque between 1:00 and 1:30 PM. Also, it indicates that the bus should leave for Granger at 2:00 P.M.
Could you please tell me if this possible? We need to know in advance because we have to schedule the bus in advance.
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brothers and sisters must remain brothers and sisters

Q: I have a son and daughter. I do not know what was in my daughters head but she did some haram things with her brother that is younger by 3 yreas. Does this haram action affect our nikah according to imaam shafee? me and my husband that is? (text) Continue reading

Thanks for what when you got no job?!

Q: I am told that to celebrate thanking is ok bcuz we celebrating the past years harvest. So if this is my intention can I do it? Can I have friends over to celebrate as Dawah? (text from 480 area code) Continue reading

‘Is it premissible in Islam to do qurbani oversea’

Q: Salamualikum,

I lived in Toronto, Canada. I have a question regarding Qurbani. I sent money back home to Pakistan to do my Eid ul Adha qurbani. Is it premissible in Islam to do qurbani oversea, because i perform my Eid prayer after the qurbani was done in Pakistan.  So my qurbani will be accepted or not.

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students are trying hard for a positive change

Question/concern: Assalama Aalaykoum Imam,
More than me influencing friends I am usually the one that is influence. Alhamdullah, I reacently learned this about myself and its a weakness i have that i need to watch out for. I know you said the key is to minimize socializing and Alhamdullah, I am working on that and Alhamdullah it is going good. But then my question is eventhough, I minimize my soicailizing  i really hate the moments i run into my friends or worse see them in class because some of them are my classmates. I really hate it because I am trying so hard to let go of all the habits that they do and i used to once do it.  But it is really hard to avoid them when you are classmates  and i usally fall into the bad habbit and later I really feel guilty and bad that i fell into all the things i am asking repentance from Allah (s.w.t). I also tried not sitting with them but they come sit with me in class. So, my question is how do i approach this situation where when i see my friends/classmate I dont keep falling into the mistakes that I am repenting from. I want to advice them but then I dont know how to advice them. I guess, I am one of those people that get influenced but they are not good at influencing others.
May Allah(s.w.t) reward you for your time and Advice.

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‘My daughter is marrying a non-muslim’

Q: Assalaamu Alaikum
I need help urgently, My daughter is marrying a non-muslim, and he want to embrace islam, but his parents are against muslims, he told them that he is getting married, but they dont want him to become a muslim, can he get married without them knowing that he turned muslim.

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free online sites seek unwanted data

Q: Shiek free online sites seek unwanted data. Can I lie about it just to sign it and take benefit from these services. Much of the data is irrelevant anyway. Would this be allowed. Continue reading