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qadha prayers

Q: Assalamalaikum-What is the ruling for joining salah. Does one just makeup the same amount of rakah that they missed, if so, in what order? Continue reading

what else can i say?!

Q: I am getting frustrated. I have a muslim friend that keeps asking me why is salah five times a day. Why can he not just do it once a day What do I tell him? He does not want answer from quran and hadith. he wants logic. thanks Continue reading

zohr at asr time

Q: iread my zhor salah that went intot he asr time. Must I repeat it? (text) Continue reading

September time change

Fajr: 6:00    Zohr: 2:00     Asr: 6:15    Magrib: Sunset    Isha: 9:35

zohar salah – asr time

Q: Today I read my zohr salah in such a time that half of it was read in the zhor awqaat and the second half was read in the asr waqt. Do I need to repeat it? (text) Continue reading

fajr salah and sunnah of zuhr for you would be tranquil

Q: Assalam U alaikum, Imaam Sahib
I try my hardest to pray 5 times a day. The hardest prayer is the morning Salah. I have been missing it for a while now. No matter what I do, and no matter how much i try i can’t get up to pray. I have tried sleeping very early the night before, but i still miss it. I know that this is a very big sin. But please give some advice, Continue reading

life is rough — till the end

Q: Salam brother Imaam,

I was too sinful. What sins I did I think I don’t have to mention it, as its the matter between me and Allah (SWT).
But I have asked forgiveness from him, and I know he forgive you if you ask it from your heart, and not to do all those sins.
Now I am scared to attempt any sin. I try to keep m Continue reading