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general rules to fasting

Q:  Assalamu aleikun, Sheikh Mehtar,
Thank you in advance for answering my questions.  This will be my first year to observe Ramadan.  It is not my desire to be a “cafeteria Muslim” to pick and choose which parts of the faith to observe and which guidelines to follow.  My questions regarding Ramadan  are:  1)is drinking of water allowable during the Continue reading

Itikalf — May Allah (swt) bless you for thinking ahead

Q: Imaam I intend doing itkikalf this year in my musjid because college would be closed and want clarification. Is the whuzu area in the musjid part of the musjid? Would the same rules of musjid apply in the whuzu area? Can a person in itikalf the type of ittikalf one does in the last 10 days of ramadhan talk in the whuzu area like nonemergency talk? Can one use cell phone in itikikalf in musjid? (text) Continue reading

are somethings only haram in ramadaan?

Q: My sister is asking me to ask you why is tv and dvds, cutting hair, nail polish, video games haram in ramadaan? (email) Continue reading

selling food and fasting

Q: I live in xxxxx. I own a restaurant. At lunch time muslims come and eat at my restaurant. They say they are sick or travelers. Can I deny them service? August19th 2010. Thanks Continue reading

glass of water would also be fine

Q: What is the lightest sehri a person can have? We have having a debate. Some of us said it must be food. Some said it must be at least a date and water. (Text) Continue reading

Eid Announcement (1431) 2010

The Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake has accepted the evidence of the moon being sighted in Florida, Trinidad, and multiple sightings around the United States for  the beginning of Shawwal. Thus, Ramadaan for the year 1431 is now a memory. We hope you had a wonderfully blessed Ramadaan, and pray that you will enjoy a blessed and joyful Eid on Friday, September 10, 2010, inshaAllah.

Please arrive for Eid Salaah in a timely fashion, so that you may secure a parking space with as little trouble as possible.

Eid Program:
The Eid prayer is at 9.00 A.M. at Salt Palace (Room 255). As you are aware, first is the talk, followed by prayer, followed by a brief Arabic sermon. It would be wise for you to plan to arrive 45 minutes before the program begins, so as to give yourselves time for finding parking and reserving a prayer spot.

Sadaqatul Fitr:
Please do remember that your sadaqatul fitr needs to be given before the Eid salaah begins.

Continue reading

etiquettes on praying Qiymul Layl

Q: Assalama Alaykum,

What are the etiquettes on praying Qiymul Layl:
1) For example, I heard that the best way is that you should wake up from your sleep in the last portion of the night and then after you pray go back to bed again before fajr.

2) What about during Ramadan: Can you pray Qiymul Layl when you wake up to eat shuur?
Jazakalhu Khair Shiek for your time Continue reading