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restroom, men, clothes, bladder burst in the works



At times I have to use the restroom at work and am aware as Muslims it is not permissible to stand while urinating without a valid excuse. Also as we are aware that the places of relieving oneself in our American society are filthy especially the mens’ restrooms due to men urinating all over, not only the seat but as well as the floor etc etc.  The question is in this situation what do we as Muslims do when we have to relieve ourselves in such facilities? I do not like to stand and relieve myself but in most cases if I try to sit and relieve myself then my clothes may come in contact with the urine on the floor thus making my salah invalid. Take note I do not wear my trousers below my ankles, I have exhausted trying to locate a private restroom, such as one the administration at my workplace uses that may be kept clean and would suffice for me to relieve myself and In most cases I do not use the restroom unless my bladder is absolutely going to burst.  Then I usually am forced to
stand and relieve myself and sometimes I don’t know if my clothes have had urine slash on to my clothes because if one stands you see the urine splash because the pressure of relieving oneself but I feel ashamed to do this because it is against the etiquette’s of relieving oneself in Islam.  What to do? Would I still be held accountable for this in the sight of Allah SWT?  Should I repeat my salah upon returning home?  I do know that many Muslim males are undergoing the same challenge.  Please advise

Allah Hafiz

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dogs, food, Tajweed

Q: Assalamualaikum,

I have couple of questions below.

1. Should a person accept invitation to visit a friend’s home who has dog as pet? That friend argues that Quran is not against of keeping a pet it true?  Continue reading

the mouth and its usage

Q1-is kissing the private parts of spouse allowed?(certain words have been omitted by

Q2-is oral (xxx) allowed and if so to what extent(*********   ****** *****   with and without a condom etc?) (certain words have been omitted by

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culture or religion. Left hand, left leg and other sunnah


As Salaamu Alaikum,

The last time I ate with some brothers in the Masjid, one of them pointed out that it’s sunna to eat with the right hand (I was using my left).  I was taught to hold a fork in the left hand and a knife in the right, and to set the table accordingly.  I see brothers using their fingers to eat with, and although I consider it gauche I don’t say anything to them about it.  I just figure it’s the custom in whatever country they’re from.  But apparently, in the Masjid, I’m being gauche when I use the etiquette that I was taught.
Another time, I entered the Masjid with my left foot and a brother pointed out that it’s sunna to enter with the right foot and exit with the left.  I usually just put one foot in front of the other to get from here to there and it generally gets me where I’m going, and I don’t give it a thought.
Does it really matter?  What I really want to know is if it’s a matter of sunna or simply a foreign culture to use the right hand and the right foot, and more to the point if it isn’t just a silly superstition or an innovation of some kind.  I’d really appreciate a clarification, if you don’t mind.
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leaves are healthy too!

Q: Salamu alaikum,

Is it okay to be vegetarian?

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its all filth — white or black — keep away– depend on Allah (SWT)

Q. ok fair enough, blk magic is forbidden. Read your answers on em. Can we have white magic for good health on ourselves? (Friday night student, personal email box)

A. All types of magic must be stayed away from. They stem from the agents of shaytan. Their intention is control matters away from the Mercy of Allah (Subhanahu Wata’Ala) to the pitch of shaytan and the lowly urges and desires of humans. Stay away from them all.

Good filth and bad filth are both filth. They affect ones Imaan. They affect our relationship with people. They eventually fail us — sometimes in this world, sometimes in the hereafter, and other times, in both the worlds. May Allah (SWT) save us from all types of manipulation.

Allah certainly knows best.

(Student # 745

as dictated by imaam)

nail cutting — already answered

Q. is it allowed to cut nails after doing wudu?

A. Yes. (Please type in nails within our search box for more information regarding nail cuttings)