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look at my wife everyone. she is better than…

Q: Ya Shiek, I am an attractive woman. When i go to the musjid men stare at me. this bothers me. I prefere to stay at home whenevr i can. This is how we grew up. My husband insists that I go to the masaajid and pray. I prefer to pray in the home. Would I be liable (sinful) if I went to the masaajid with him? Continue reading

‘I am American christian and my husband is Iraqi muslim’

Q: Hello,
I am American christian and my husband is Iraqi muslim.  We have been married for 15 years.  I would like to divorce him because he brought his exwife to America back in 1997(without informing me first) and they got married again. Since 2003 we only see him a couple hours a week – we have a 14 year old daughter.  Anyway, I want an Islamic divorce because we married by reading something out of a book (he’s XXXXXX) and I don’t want him to get in trouble for having two wives.  Please inform me as to how I can resolve this matter.
Thank you Continue reading

Hijab — you are brave to turn sunnah into culture

Q: 1 Salaamu Alaykum,

Imam I have a story for you, and after the story I have a request/suggestion. Continue reading

Alhamdulilah, you are a Muslim

Q: I converted several months ago. I read books on Islam and all I needed to know about islam from online. And then later I had realized that Islam was for me so then later went back online and found the transliteration of the shahadah with English said it by myself at home with Allah and the two recording angels as witnesses. I also said it with the Imaam on TV as the people were converting that same night.

Now Br Imaam I come to the musjid where i live and the sisters were having their halaqah and they tell me I did it all wrong. So now you tell me, am I a nonMuslim? Or Muslim? So all I prayers was wasted? Fast wasted? You tell me what i do? Continue reading

Best place for (muslim) wedding: Hilton? Marriott? Hyatt? Ramada Inn?

Q: We are butting heads and its getting frustrating in our home. It like prewedding battel zone. Its like i dont want to get married anymore. I am female and i want to have a simple wedding. My dad wants to take out a loan. My inlawas want you  to be the judge. Imam (muhammad) Shoayb please answer this: Where is the best place to have our wedding?  Time? Based on Sunnah.  What is the Islamic wedding greeting? ( i am not asking how to perform the nikah or marriage certificate details. I know where to get all that) (text) Continue reading

you look at your feet and i shall look at mine

Q: As Salamu Alaykum,

Imam, I had a question in regards to women and salah.
So I was told that Shafi’i women must cover their feet during salah, is that true?
Since I follow that madhab and I don’t pray with my feet covered…is my prayer void?

jazakallahu khair

Time: Tuesday November 17, 2009 at 4:38 pm Continue reading

me and my boy at the musjid

Q. I took my son 5 years old to the musjid when i make prayers and he stands next to me so as to keep him disciplined. We got into some arguments. A brother tole me not to bring him. Any advice?

A. Your child being only 5 years old requires that he stands  in the last row behind you.  If safety is an issue, then stand in the last row and have him besides you.

Allah Certainly Knows best.