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‘Do Arab men truly not care about the opinions of women.’ I am sorry she says (Thank you!) Muslims will accept this apology! See MSA contribution that fits in just as neatly at the end…

Comment/Concern: While working I met a man of Islam. He was very kind to me, and always treated me with respect, patience, and attentiveness. I am an American woman (Divorced with children) and have always been taught that Arab men are abusive and controlling, and that for single women to touch them is considered highly offensive. So, despite his manners I avoided touching him at all costs, and only responded to his questions and conversation cautiously. When I last saw him I happened to take my break at the same time he came into my store. We ended up having lunch together, and he told me about his desires to marry and re-settle in Orem, Utah. He spoke of his love for children, and he complemented me on the beauty of my own children. His timing could not have been worse, and my manner in responding to him could not have been more shameful. Continue reading

this answer is from you — the public

Q: I only speak english and i am a new muslim of a few months.

but since then i am very discourged. i’ve seen hypocrasy and 2 faces which in some since can be one in the same. however i am from a very christian background and that is the only thing right now i can draw reference from i am still learning the quran so please forgive me. my question is this which master? do people see which master they serve? when we let our anger,gossip(2 faces),hypocrite saying one thing and doing another, rule our lives do we see that is the wrong master? or are they just playing games with allah? thinking well i pray 5 times a day so allah will forgive me. but, do they really know that allah sees their hearts and does not forgive the revolving sin? in the bible there is 10 commandments given to moses and i am sure the quran has that reference too but i have not read that part yet but when we gossip about someone and ruin their character that is spiritually killing them and that is against allah right? love, peace, patients, kindness is allah not hate, jealously, rage. As Allah taught us through the prophets right?

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‘couple is not practicing or learning Islam’

Q: A born Muslims girl from a very good family fell in love with an Athiest boy (same age 17) and started to live with his family and wanted to marry each other. The Muslims mother cried and finally asked them to convert so that they can at least marry in a muslim way (nikah). The boy and girl said yes and got married when they were 19 in a Mosque. Now some say that after the marriage, the couple is not practicing or learning Islam and keeping the same routine they had before. Her sister once said that the girl once said that there is no God and she does not believe in any organised religion. But when she talks to her family, she says salam and Khudahafiz etc. What is this Muslim family supposed to do in this case? They pray everyday that they become Muslim openly and practice it as much as possible.
What this world is coming to. May Allah save our children from such disaster.
Thank you and ma’salam.

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‘2012 as being the end’


Asalmalkium, Imam

I am a person who believes in all forms of higher powers, Allah being one of the positive gods I have been studying.
This might seem like a stupid question,but please have patience with me as I am of the western culture.
Does Allah have his followers believing in 2012 as being the end of a paradigm, Rather, it is the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of a whole new way of being, a whole new culture, and a whole new path for humanity, and not as the end of the world like some would have us believe?

Time: Tuesday May 11, 2010 at 6:32 pm
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Norooz party: ‘I actually had a very good time!’


As Salamu Aleikum Imam,

Last year I went to a Norooz party and it was a very secular event to say the least. There was loud music, crazy dancing, and men and women were dressed to impress, to say the least. In fact, some of the girls dressed very revealing, and at one point a girl bent over and all I saw was skin.

My question is such parties permissible? I actually had a very good time and I want to go party again!

Yours truly,

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee

Time: Sunday March 21, 2010 at 8:51 am

Q: Can one celebrate nawrooz just cuz family Is doing it. It is just a get together to get men and women together for a good evening? Would this still be unislamic?

Time: Sunday March 21, 2010 at 6:32 am

Q: Would eating norooz food be haram? Why can a Muslim celebrate norooz but not New Years of American calendar? I am not living in Afghanistan and Iran. Do I make sense? (text)

Q: as salaamu alaikum

I have heard that Nowruz (which is Persian New Year) is bidah to celebrate according to some scholars? Could explain to us why this celebration is an act of bidah, if Persians are following a different calender than Hijri?

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Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj (agog and magog) — dajjal — the one eyed fellow


Assalam Alaikum
Hope this message is reached with good health and iman inshallah.  I am studying the tafseer of Surah al-Kahf and I would appreciate some clarity on the following subjects.

Q:1a) Are Ya’juj and Ma’jooj humans? The tafseer says that they are the sons of Adam.  This tells me that they are not monsters or creatures (as the popular belief) but a mischievous human tribe, that might have unique physical characteristics? (email to site)

Q:1b) who is dajjal. Are agog and magog roaming the earth? Who is agog and magog?  Are they (xxxxxx) (names of current nationalities have been removed. We find such speculative labeling of ethnicity inappropriate.) (text)

Q:2) Do Christians believe in Dhul-Qarnyan?  The ancient Jews at the time of Rasulallah (S) did since they were the ones that told the Meccans to ask the Prophet about 3 questions, one being the man who traveled alot.

Q:3) On the day of Judgment it is said that the people will be divided —into believers and disbelievers groups, and that hell will be presented (in full view) to the disbelievers.  Where do the disobedient fall?  In the believers category until Allah (swt) judges them, or will they be presented hell just like the disbelievers?

Q4) What is meant by the fact that Dhul-Qarynan traveled to where the sun set and where the sun rose?  Is it literally the point of earth where the sun looked the biggest when setting (flat plain like area with no mountains)?  Or is the message simply the fact that he traveled alot from one point of the earth to the other?

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Ideal conditions demand we limit cross gender interactions


Assalamu Alaykum,

Last semester in one of my classes, a non-Muslim student admitted that he had “racist” feelings towards Muslims. He justified his racism based on “feminist racism” in that he did not like the way Muslim women were treated. I responded by saying that Muslim women had rights when most women in the world did not have them and that the Prophet(SAW) wife Khadija(RA) was a businesswomen and that a lot of the hadith’s narrated came from Aisha(RA). I asked what he meant by “liberation” and that if “liberation” equated to “the less clothing the more freedom”,  then no, that is not liberation Islam values and that as a Muslim women, I feel empowered.

This semester, he apologized for his comments and says he started reading the Quran. He admitted that he had no knowledge of Islam and had biases which led him to inaccurate conclusions.

What I’m wondering is how to give Dawah and who to send it to since I cannot do it myself? He seems very interested in the Deen.

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