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you have a good dream, now keep up with all good work

Q: My friend saw a dream that I was going to Haj. I am very worried on a number of accounts these days so please tell me what this dream means???Thw date of the dream was 28th Sept. 2010. Jazakallahkhair
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you lack details

Q: Salam, I wanted to know the tabeer of my dream. For past two days i saw myself crying in my dream. The first day i saw myself crying because my Continue reading

Your father did good, you must continue

Q: Assalamualikum Imaam,
May Allah keep you in his peace and give you reward for all a single act you .
My father was passed away on 17th Jan , 2011 in a accident. He was in wudu , and going to do his salat al magrib. Imaam since he left, I saw him twice in dream. My first dream was that I saw he is sitting under tree, and that tree is from Jannah. and i am passing from there. He told me , where are you? I am waiting for you, and i said to him , ok baba i will come now. that was the fisrt dream i saw.
Second was , that he came to home, and i opened the door for him, and he said to me, I am goig for salat al magrib, , you get ready and im waiting for you.  thats all i saw.

Imaam , I know we all belong to Allah swt , and will be return to him, but the hard point is that my heart is beleving that he is gone. I want to cry , I cannot cry. but I do read quran, do ziker and surah Yasin for him.

Is there any other dua to make for him or for me , to make easy for him and easy for me.
May Allah reward you ,
Time: Saturday March 5, 2011 at 12:04 am

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
May you be blessed for your patience. Your patience means a lot to Allah (SWT.) The most superior patience is the patience we show at the time of initial pain. (Hadith-paraphrased.) This dream indicates the good manners your father has taught you. Your patience benefits you and your father, so view this entire process as a blessing for the both of you, Ameen.
*Your father has passed away a possible shaheed (martyr.) As we are all aware, shaheed has many levels attributed to it. This alone should make you very happy.
*He wants you to do good deeds and keep up with good religious practices.
*Humans go through multiple cycles as it relates to dealing with grief. For some it is a denial of events, others suffer from a total numbness, anger, or despair. Accept your situation for what it is. Gradually the tears would flow, when this happens it would make things a lot easier for you. Do not rush the process. Allah (SWT) has a time for everything: we must accept our moments of joy as much as we must accept moments that do not always please us.
*Keep on doing the good you are doing. Do not overwhelm yourself. Merely also repeat, Allah hum-magfir lahum (oh Allah forgive them all.) This way you would be making a dua for your father and all those that have passed away and surround him. This dua would also assist in the elevation of his position, inshaAllah, ameen.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.


Q: How do you know if your dreams have any meaning? When should we get them interpreted by a Imam?
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wow, your dreams make us all want to dream

Q: Assalam Alaikum
Hope this message is reached with good health and iman inshallah.  I generally don’t like getting my dreams interpreted, however I have been having very unique and detailed dreams lately which have a recurring theme.  For the last 6 months or so, I have been seeing dreams of silver things like a grayish silver horse with a long tail and  with a silver saddle that I was climbing up onto,  a silver necklace, silver clothing following the Islamic dress.  And in the dream that I am in a silver dress, I end up standing right infront of the kabah and am looking up to it.  All these items were seen separately gradually over a couple of months.  Then recently I saw something very interesting in a dream.  The sun and the moon were out at the same time, and it was night time.  All of a sudden I see somewhere from two to three other moons  or planets.  First they were dim and then they glowed brighter and brighter to a white color.  Then all of them align in a straight line.  Its not an eclipse as neither the sun nor the moon covered the other, but they were lined up instead in a vertical line in the sky.  I felt fear and awe and amazement at the same time.

(name withheld by our site)
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the dream i had

Q: Salamalkium,

(here is the dream) I was sleeping in a Masjid on the floor, with my bedding. It was sunday 1-2-11 @ 1am. My bedding was set near a bunch of tables that were on top of each other. So there was a big hallow space under the tables. and i was sleeping across the hallow space. As i was getting ready to sleep, i was thinking about the hallow space and also jinns were on my mind. As i was thinking about these things like 5 minutes later i felt something entering me through my mouth. I even made a sound, as when someone makes a sound when they are swallowing something. And eventually it went through. I didnt know what this was, but i was really worried to start with, but eventually i fall asleep. Continue reading

‘How can I tell if my dream is not from Allah’

Q: How can I tell if my dream is not from Allah and from shaytan? I am a calm person. Had no evil thought before I went to bed. I am a happy person. Do only only Muslims see good dreams? (text) Continue reading