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oh youth, think of death when you see white!

Q: From my childhood i wear white of fridays. I really do not know why i wear it. my child tells me i am wrong and it is an onovation. i am not wanting to argue with him. i saw my teacher do it. i loved him. i feel he was right. am i right to do it? also, Why do old shieks wear white. not all, but many that i have seen? does it have a baes? (email.) Continue reading

son/father has more right to janazah salah than the shura

Q: Can our islamic shura override who is to perform the janazah salah? can we appoint only one man to perform the janazah salah? Can imaam insist that he performs the janazah salah? Can an imaam expect payment for performing janazah salah. Continue reading

to some, debt is like death

Q: Ramadan is close by and i feel awful. The money i owe cuz of college is eating my heart out.  I owe 63 thousand dollars and dont even have a job. I read that the prophet refused to perform janazah salah of the anyone that owed money. So why has this law being changed?. Does this law no more apply? Continue reading

iddat, food

Q: chitor asti Imaam. Our mother died on may 31st. 1) when would her Idaat end. 2) What is the best meal we should feed for her? ma salam DeadinMemphis (email) Continue reading

if you touched by a soul, it could be a real!

Q: imaam, I appreciate the clarity you bring at graveyard on many accasions about what is to be read/not read, done/not done. I also appreciate it when you tell families to make own duas beccuze their duas are more likely to be accepted due to their sabr. Although not at first.

You also mentioned something about the soul. I want to know does the soul of the dead visit the home they died inn? Does it come to the home of the dead on Thursday night? ask for money? Ask the son to go for hajj? Can we pray fard for them that they did not perform and pray ours later in life? Continue reading

‘are women allowed to go to the cemetery’


my question was, are women allowed to go to the cemetery, and if not what is the reason behind it and if yes what should you read when you go and who should you they go with.

Time: Sunday March 21, 2010 at 10:23 pm Continue reading