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student matters matter

Q: Assalaamualaikum

I am non Muslim student (I am XXXXX (name and other information withheld by site due to privacy matters). During the past few years, i have noticed that i am not dedicating myself to schoolwork like i use to. I am being distracted very easily and always seem to be things, that i am not suppose to. I try to make myself study everyday for a little bit to keep the pace going, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I use to be really good at getting my homework done and understanding the materials, but over the past years, i have noticed myself not understanding what i am reading, not understanding any of the material and just not being able to concentrate. As much as i try to make myself focus, i get distracted and cannot comprehend anything that i have learned. It’s been really hard on my studies and my grades. I was wondering what steps i can take to become a better student, and get back on track. Thank you. Continue reading

‘Tampon: haram? Halal?’

Q: Tampon: haram? Halal? (Email) Continue reading

‘separate meeting for sisters and brothers’

Q: assalaamualaikum

We recently had a meeting in MSA and A few people suggested that we should have separate meeting for sisters and brothers. We would like to know what’s islamic ruling for meeting where both genders are present to discuss how to raise awareness about Islam on campus and how to serve Muslim students on campus and muslim community in state of Utah. Is this allowed or Not?                   Time: Thursday May 13, 2010 at 10:10 pm Continue reading


Q: I am a female. I am shafaee. Is the face covering necessary? I was told by a shafee scholar that we do not need to cover our faces in America because it would casue big problems. Any help to clear the matter? FYI: You know this scholar very well Continue reading

Ibn Hajjar Haytami’s list of violations. Things to make us all so much better

Shiek Ibn Hajjar Haytami’s list of violations that deal with one’s imaan — be it regarding the internal self or external self. Continue reading

A task well accomplished

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man wanting a golden smile, zakat

Q: 1)Why is gold filling in the mouth allowed but men cannot wear gold. Continue reading