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Tafseer Exam: May 14th-2011 (a kind helping hand–a glimpse of what to expect)

In the Name of Allah

part 1) Please answer all the questions in light of the class. Even if your personal opinion is valid and better than mine, I would appreciate it at a later time. You folks remain as part of a brilliant class. I am positive that each of you would not get below 93% Continue reading


new class times for children over 6 years of age:

category A 6:00 to 7:30 am open – m t w th fri sat Continue reading

Audio: Tafseer 22 Ramadaan 2010

everything you wanted to secure you  lost, to be able to ask Allah (dua) is a blessing, do not void out your good deeds with evil, do not mock the other, do not be a racist

Audio: Tafseer Ramadaan 2010

some sell hub caps while another designs cars and makes millions why? King is a beggar if he wants more and a poor man is a king if he is happy, you bond with your tribe you become trialble, you bond with the Creator  is it much better, counsel the best for your matters, istikara

Audio: Tafseer Ramadaan 2010

let me show you how to give your good deeds away, after you are already it! Itifaf laws in VERY brief,

Audio: Gain your Ramadan forgivness now!

The Ameens of the Prophet (SAW), wealth is nothing new for people of faith, you made your child into what he/she is so tear no more.