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Audio: Moderation vs extremism (its all about perspective)

Jummah lecture on moderation and extremism:

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Audio: how to gain the taste of Imaan

We as human beings seek to attain the taste of everything. Here we talk about the ways of attaining the taste of Imaan.

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Audio: change your life, before life demands you to change

Fe/male or not, you too can become like Abdulullah Ibn Mubarak. But do you want to become like him?
Lecture to give you some self-help tips are on the other side Continue reading

Audio: Challenge is not a new thing

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Topics covered:

  • Challenge is nothing new to Muslims
  • Gain mastery
  • Don’t let the waves of misery wash over you

Audio: Media + Mr. Obama

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Topics Covered:

  • Media Attacks
  • Those we Claims to Love.
  • Muslim and the Global Response to the Obama choice for presidency.

Audio: Superiority Complex

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Audio: Happy with Muslim Cartoons?

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