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let me take picture and give you some rice for the world to see and pity you

Q: I work for a zakat agency and have being working with XXXXX for Alhamduillah 15 years. Can you tell me shiek, what is meant by you saying non-manipulative literature?must not be used by chsritable organization? Truth is truth. You keep saying this in your khutba I heard online and writing. You make me sick. (text) Continue reading

What is the Nisaab? (IMPORTANT)

Q. What is the amount of Nisab? How is the Nisab amount calculated? Is it a fixed dollar amount? class student at U (email.) Continue reading

was your Ramadaan also commercialized?!

Ramadhaan has turned into a business. Imaams and Taraweeh leaders want/demand more money, businesses hike up food prices, zakat foundations seem to go rampant, airline agents are on the prowl for Umrah ticket sales, relief organizations seem to exploit religious sentiments with modern day graphics, humanitarian groups show depictions of children and elderly in the most horrid manner, etc. Ramadhaan has turned into a money making machine for many. Here is a clip sent by our audience member. View and reflect so we can minimize such adverse behaviors within the months of spirituality. Ameen.

“Families during Ramadan, view it as a great time to gather and watch their favorite programs….” Continue reading

ISOGSL Sunday school: We are here to serve humanity


poor male student — but rich with Imaan

Comment/Question:    Follow up: if I am a poor male student. my parents need money but spend it on (XXXXXX) upgrades: sound systems, new refrigerator because of getting rich guests over, new dish for more shows, movies, eating out 3 x’s a week. Must I still give them money? (Text) Continue reading

Forex (currency) Markets — investing in currency — working in banks



1) Is investing in the Forex (currency) Markets haram? 2) Forex Markets is a currency market, but the investment is high at risk, is it still considered haram?

3) I heard investing in currency, or even simply working for a bank is not good. Can you explain, please. Continue reading

Let us not associate Jesus (PBUH) with any violence

Comment: Can you comment on the following clip.

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