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Saturday, July 9 & Sunday, July 10, 2011  Continue reading

An evening out — ask EC members for details



150 W 500 S SALT LAKE CITY 84101 Continue reading

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Q: Salaam Alaykum,
It has been on my mind a lot for awhile, but with the recent purchase of dozens of Qurans by Wasatch Presbytarian Church, to have distributed for free in some bookstores to anyone who asks, it has just been gnawing away at me to the point that I can’t just sit still and not DO anything any longer. Continue reading

The past is behind us all, a new beginning for American and world history

Press Release:

Utah, May 2, 2011

Muslims are called upon to uplift the values of every society they come into contact with. We remain sad as to every innocent life that has ever been violated pre and post 9/11. As Muslims we sincerely hope that a new chapter would Continue reading


Christmas parties — one ‘sheik’ says yes to them!

Q: what is your opinion on Christmas parties and that type of party that resembles them. Our local sheik said it is okay in America if our intention is to show the good side of islam. Also the shiek said so long as we do not drink or eat pork. Can i have your opinion. Continue reading

The dilemma America is in

Here is a good article to read, shows us all the fear and concern Muslims and America is part of. May Allah thank the person that sent it to us.