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‘Is Kosher meat considered Halal?’

Q: Asslam-o-Alikum,  Is Kosher meat considered Halal? I have been told that they are the same. Time: Monday November 1, 2010 at 2:08 pm

meat, music and peace (all re-runs)

Q: Asalamualikum Brother (muhammed) Shoaib, I have few questions to ask you, keeping in my mind that you are busy . You can take your own time , but please do reply. My first question is : 1. We call … Continue reading

shark meat

Q: I heard about dolphin and sharks in your fiqh class. Can shark meat be eaten? Did you say it is doubtful? A: Shark meat can be eaten. It is halal. Allah Certainly Knows Best.


Q: I’m a part of the Sunni (Hanafi) beliefs and I’ve seen a lot of conflicting

don’t toy with the word ‘makruh’ to make yourself feel good

Q: Assalam alaikum My question is reguarding meats. I have been told its mearly makruh to eat non zabiha slaughtered animals and its not a sin to eat from such places (meat or

you may have to go to your local scholars on this one

Q: Salam, I wasn’t sure if the European halal development agency actually preform the slaughtering of animals the shariah way as it seem that they don’t actually mention a Muslim slaughtering the animal or the way EHDA members

gelatin debate. Keep it simple, you are what you consume

Q: Is gelatin in general halal? Can we eat the gelatin from a halal animal that is not slaughtered in the name of Allah? Pig gelatin halal? Under what conditions would gelatin be halal or haram?(phone in query)

i want good, i want good for you too

Q: assalamualiukm Brother Imaam, Thanks to our Almighty Allah, who is the Greast that you are back. May Allah keep you in his peace, (additional kind words omitted by site) Brother Imaan, I need you help. After Allah I Have … Continue reading

‘eating or buying beef and chicken from Walmart’

Q: Assalam Alikoum,Ramadan Kareem and may Allah bless you all. Please I am asking regarding eating or buying beef and chicken from Walmart , fresh market or other local stores. Is it allowed to be eaten or not? the Muslim … Continue reading

…host incoming international visitors for an evening meal.

Q: Salaam w’allahkuum: We arrange for local community members to host incoming international visitors for an evening meal. Many of our visitors are from Muslim countries where halal food and markets are readily available. Many of our local hosts choose … Continue reading