learn to let go brother

Q:  Asalamualikum ! My Question is I Like a girl from past two years of time . She also Like me very much we both convinced with each other, But due to my & her family Problems we have not moved to further option for Nikaha.
My problem is I need some time , but in her family they are dying to do her marriage .  Last week , I got informed by girl that her marriage is fixed with another boy . by the time I could do for her , her parents did marriage with another boy . We have talk on phone she is denying the marriage what the parents has done . She asked me & promise that she will give divorce to him, & again she wants to marry with me.  Now , no matter if she gave divorce to him am ready to marry her.  Lastly I just fearing that my parents will accept her or not ? & I want to know  if this Condition came how to face . whether I should approached to Court or simply Consult with mufti or Imam saheb .  She said diffenetely  she is going to give divorce to her husband . & she will  marry me. am also ready to do ! We both like each other !

Please All Of You Gave me a Proper Solution on behalf of me.  Hope to See reference s from All.



A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

If she is married to another person, it is not fair that you assist her attaining a divorce. To assist in such a breakup or even contribute to it would constitute a sin.

Although there are methods of attaining a divorce for a woman, I find no need for you to be part of this. I do not see evidence of direct abuse, etc. I just sense some mental game playing. I think you should stay away from such a person/family.

Stay away from her and her family, get help from your parents to assit in getting you a good wife.

Allah Certainly Knows Best

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  1. I think you guys forget to remove his name from the question.

  2. As-salaam-alaikum. Unfortunately, the opportunity to marry her has passed. You must not commit more sin and affiliate with a married woman, nor encourage her to divorce since she does not have valid reasons to divorce, as Imam has said. Believe me, you will get over her, there are many fish in the sea. There is also a third person in this, the poor husband, and that is not right for you to destroy his life. Tell the girl that she must devote herself to her marriage. It sounds as if you are both young, and you did not step in before she married so, you snooze you loose and well, Allah (swt) knows best what is good for each of you separately. Immerge yourself in prayer for Allah (swt) to give you peace and heal your broken heart. Jazakullah Khair. As a mother, I would hate to have my daugher leave a marriage for no other reason than love, she can learn to love another, Americans do it all the time. I would also hate for my son to encourage a divorce and would probably not respect the girl he loves for doing that.