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Q: asalamualaikum,

If we are studying deen in a foreign country where there is healthcare but it is not as adequate as ours in the US such as pakistan, india, bangledesh.  we have exhausted all avenues of trying to go here and there to gain some understanding of what is wrong with me however we dont seem to get anywhere.  they diagnose one thing however even after that has been cured there are still chronic health problems.  judgement says there is something seriously wrong with my kidneys or my body.  Parents are not understanding and will not allow for a return home to receive some proper medical treatment that may actually help so i may be physically capable of returning to my studys.  if i disobey them and return to get proper medical treatment and then go back to my study will i be liable? yanee if they are upset will i be sinful??? im not leaving studying but have a major health problem that have been chasing around for 2 months that has affected my mental, physical and especially my stud
ys. my
teachers are also worried.  the only problem is my parents say no stay there and study and run around a million places to find shifa bc if you come back then you will fall victim and not go back for study.  Is this any type of logic when i am honestly not able to 1 study, 2 my mind is in deep depression due to illness and my studys are being affected, i am not seeming to find a doc who knows what is wrong. this is a chronic problem.  what to do where to go how to go about??? if I come back to get medical help with extremely upsetting and disappointing my parents for a while until they realize that i am going back than will i be sinful??? how do i make them understand???
Time: Wednesday November 2, 2011 at 12:21 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Based on experience, students that have severe health issues seldom make it beyond the level of being ‘barakah’ students. This is often the case for students studying abroad.  It causes concern for teachers, fellow class mates and parents alike.  Although such students often graduate, such a graduation is at times marked by the sympathy of the institution. The students’ comprehension of the material is very limited due to sympathy and/or absenteeism and other related worries presented by student health matters. Our teachers used to always tell us: in order to be successful as a student of deen, it is the duty of the student to have least amount of worries and concern other than the studies at hand.

Although students with severe health related issues do graduate, experience has made clear that such students often cannot teach what they have learned as they are expected to do so, they may give great speeches and advices due to enthusiasm but lack the totality and breath of knowledge as it relates to  fiqh, tafseer, etc, thus resulting in the corruption of the ummah without being aware. As the saying goes: an ill qualified doctor hurts the body, an ill qualifies Almin affects the faith of the people.

I recommend getting your problem fully resolved prior to becoming a headache to your family, your teachers and your future. Take my response to your teachers for better evaluation of your matter.

May Allah (SWT) make matters easy for you, may you excel in your student matters for the benefit of self and others. May Allah (SWT) bless your parents and your teachers in the good they do for you, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum. As a mother who has had a very ill child and therefore, I have some experience, I would doubly emphasize that when you are ill and attending school, college, etc. that you never to learn all of the material nor have your best effort into it. How can you, your bad health ruins the concentration and does cause severe depression. I believe that Allah (swt) knows best and our deen is most loving and embracing of religions so, you cannot be the best Muslim if your health interferes, for instance, many days my son cannot go to Jummah because of his health. I know his intentions, Allah (swt) knows his heart, I only want to see my son in good health to do what is asked of us in this world. As Imam states, getting a certificate out of sympathy does not really give you the tools you need to go forward. We have experienced this and my son is struggling with going forward after 3 years of my working with doctors to find the proper answers to his health issues. I would tell your parents, if your health continues to decrease and you have, Allah (swt) forbid, a fatal illness it would on their conscience because you could have had proper treatment to have survived if you used your resources in America. I also would promise to them and reassure that you will go back if your health does not restrict you after diagnosis. I cannot imagine any parent who would want their child to suffer. I have seen this and myself and cannot bear it. Alhamdu-lillah my son is better but has another problem now and we struggle, I cannot take him abroad for any treatments so, I have found many resources to manage his health with Allah (swt) prayers and guidance. Allah (swt) has given us intelligence, so we must use it, like getting vaccinations, some Muslims don’t believe in them. Jazakullah-khair