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Comment: A good article on the difficulties reverts to Islam face (and how Muslims can help them):–islam-the-rise-and-rise-of-the-convert-6258015.html

Time: Monday November 7, 2011 at 7:18 pm

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  1. Assallamu Alaikum, being a recent revert( 5 months ago,alhamdullilah) I found the article very easy to relate to even the woman who left Islam. I also have had feeling of “What am I doing”? I manage to get through it though and Inshallah, I will remain Muslim. If you are not in the capitol, it is hard to get the instruction and are mostly on your own. There are very good internet programs such as Islamic Online University that teach thefaith and Arabic for free.

  2. Angela ElSayed

    Salaam Alaykum, I read this article when it was run, and I could identify with quite a bit of it. I have slowly been finding out that this state of confusion and not belonging is typical for western female reverts.Sadly enough I felt a little better when I read that it is not just Salt Lake that does not seem to consider their new community members and the needs those new members have. The conclusion I am drawing from it all is that this religion was just meant to be understood, learned and experienced by all of us individually and alone. Many of us come from an organized church background with helping hands and an action plan for converts with help all along the way. We then come into a situation where we don’t understand the language, we don’t know or understand all the rules, and we are bombarded with conflicting information of the cultural persuasion instead of actual religious information. It all gets really messy, really fast. Since there is no system or organized way of assisting converts, it is easy to get disenchanted with the community and feel like he religion you study and have learned about is not the same one that is being practiced around you. I did not see anything in the article about how Muslims can help converts, although there are MANY MANY ways the community can. Part of what makes things so tough for us is that we come from an organization that guides and leads. In my experience with the Muslim Community here there is no guidance or leadership. Everyone is just looking out for themselves, the Masjids function as just as a place to pray. A church functions as a Community center, Service Center, Donation Center, Recreation center etc. There is a true sense of community in a church. Coming into Islam and lacking that community is rough. Especially when a convert loses, friends, family and more by reverting. The sense of loneliness and isolation is even worse when you are made to feel that this is someone else’s religion and you are merely a guest on their turf. We don’t even have any community service functions that converts can join and be active with on order to not feel so alone. What I see happening now is the converts splitting away from the main community and establishing their own community. Good in a sense that we can start getting what we need, bad in the sense that this divided us even more, and separates us (usually according to race…also NOT a good thing) We have the Turkish Mosque, Somalian Mosque, Iraqi, Bosnian…..and now we will have an American Convert mosque. The community being divided up like this is sad. And it is shameful on those who have a responsibilty to unite and guide our community, that we have been left out and ignored for so long that we no longer feel like the main community is an option for us.What is worse is that this article gets posted, but there is nothing done about it. Things will continue on this path and we will be divided according to race, ethnicity and whether one was born into this religion or was found by it.Instead of one Ummah, we have 4 or 5 or 6. It’s really too bad no one but the converts want to change this.

  3. I am a revert and still groping in the dark. I go and attend jumaah and other mosque functions but I feel so out of place. I go to Indian/Pakistani mosque and I can count with my one hand the sisters who are very warmth and accommodating. The rest they will ignore you and look at you with utter disregard or contempt. Most of them know each other very well and I am new to the community. May be I am paranoid. Since I don’t speak their language, I just leave after the prayers cos nobody would bother to talk to me. I feel so isolated and since I am the only revert in the community I am finding it difficult to adjust hence I stopped going to mosque functions.

  4. Dear Sister,
    I saw your other comment and know you are also in Texas like I am and have 2 kids and problems same as I have dealt with. As you mentioned you been to the mosques and feel unfit, its not you….I am living in Texas, and same city for 20yrs and still in mosque I feel out of place let me tell you the reason why….. many mosques have a group which they call community but it is not whole community its just people who come there often especially women who come even they are not suppose to …. these women use mosque as personal party place and any new person they ignore, dislike and make feel miserable. Any person who they know does not come often (like me) they tell why you came now and not before and so many other things. I meant to say, they think they own the mosque yet sitting in mosque and doing shameless things to fellow muslims does not seem to bother them. Do not worry, its not your, its their problem…. Allah sees your sincerety and heart, he knows you came for longing for him not them. Focus on prayers when you come and ignore what they do…. I do the same I don’t care they like or not I leave them to Allah as he sees and knows all. Take Care, may Allah make life easy on you. Ameen