‘what are some of the types of nafil prayers’

Q: asalamualaikum. dear brothers in islam.i would like to know what are some of the types of nafil prayers can pray on the 27th night of ramadhan.i would also like to know some ways of doing zikr.

Answer: (by Br: Yasir Butt. Due to time constraints, we send questions to him for answering; we appreciate all that he does for the community.)

There is no restriction on how much one prays, does zikr or read quran on that night.  However, it is best that an individual does what has been established by the sunnah which is to pray taraweh in masjid and at night pray tahajud prayers on your own or in congrgation.  The best zikr to say

اللهم انك عفوا تحب العفو فاعفوا عني

Oh Allah you are afoo loving of pardon so forgive me

As the messenger of Allah instructed his wife aisha radiAllah ho anha, and it is known that a man only tells his wife what would be most beneficial!

والله اعلم


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