L.O.V.E stands for (L=Loss, O=of, V=Valuable, E= Energy

Q: Salam,

I have read many of the questions and your answers to them… I find it really soothing…..but i am in stress. My Alevels exams are coming up ( in January) and then again i m in a relationship with a girl… After reading some of your relationship related answers i try to keep it very holy… I used to touch her before (just hold hands) but after reading frm this site i stopped…. Problem is her parents found out about our relationship and they are trying to seperate us from each other…..she doesnot want it neither do i…relationship mixed with the exams i m really stressd….. Your advices are very comforting ….pls advice me on this matter…. Is there any dua to comfort me at this time? Pls give me something…( i just hope my message is not informal . I mean no disrespect) thank you

Time: Sunday September 18, 2011 at 9:36 pm

A:    (by Br: Yassir Butt. Due to time constraints,from time to time we send questions to him for answering; we appreciate all that he does for the community.)

We were taught by our elders L.O.V.E stands for (L=Loss, O=of, V=Valuable, E= Energy) and it seems that is what your are doing to yourself.  You should be focusing on your A levels my naive friend.  Your relationship is invalid and is in direct violation of our islaimc ethical code (touching or no touching, good try though).  First ace your A levels to show you can do something than hopefully request your father to propose to her family and ask her hand in marriage (try to be a man for a change).  Do not fan the flames of desire unless you can extinguish them with the water of a halal relationship like marriage otherwise these flames have a tendency to burn down anything in their path.

2 responses to “L.O.V.E stands for (L=Loss, O=of, V=Valuable, E= Energy

  1. As-salaam-alaikum Br. Yassir, I appreciate your direct response to this question. Lately, I have noticed many questions in this manner, trying to ask permission to go beyond Islamic morals, indicating their marriage desires because they already have relations with someone else and not wanting to marry with parents approval. Too many youth seem to go a bit astray and then want to be justified in order to prevent going further or absolved. Imam answers their questions with great patience, that is wonderful but, sometimes I wonder if they read his previous messages.

  2. Omar Masood MD

    Parents have equal responsibility. First we train our children to do get involved in these acts by keeping TV, watching indian movies etc etc. Then when they want to practice what they have learned we suddenly become worried father / worried mother. Didn’t our Prophet Muhammad Salallaho Ilahe Wasallam practiced islam. He Salallho Ilahe Wasallam did not just gave lectures to muslim like we do to our childrens. We need to practice islam so that our children can learn from us.