‘I am a Hindu girl who is dating a Muslim man’

Q: Assalam Alikum,

I am a Hindu girl who is dating a Muslim man and I would like to know what rules apply to marriage.  In the Islamic culture how accepting are family members of someone that is Hindu?

Also, I would like to know what rules to follow as far as sexuality are concerned during the course of dating.  I am asking these questions now because I have already engaged in certain activities and do not wish to continue out of my desire to respect the man I am dating.  I have read other posts and am concerned that I have already broken the laws of Islam with this man and want to know what I can do to atone for them.

Thank you for the opportunity you provide in letting such personal questions be asked without judgment.

-Nxxxxx (name withheld)

A: I appreciate you wanting to be respectful to this man that you are dating. Sadly, he is not being respectful of his own religion. As the rule of religion states: a Muslim man cannot marry a hindu woman, nor can hindu man marry a Muslim woman. Such a marriage would be invalid in Islam.

Upon your voluntary conversion to Islam, you would both would be allowed to get married. Until that point, I would request both of you to refrain from all adult related activities. Be in the company of a respectable 3rd party, so as to avoid actions that would cause either of you religious shame and/or social regret.

We thank you for your quest in search of the Truth. (additionally, click  here.)

Allah Certainly knows Best.  

3 responses to “‘I am a Hindu girl who is dating a Muslim man’

  1. Wa-laikum-salaam dear girl. It is quite commendable that you are interested in keeping respect of your boyfriend. Our faith of Islam is open to all people and I think it would be good if you have your boyfriend take you to your nearest mosque and see how you feel there and learn a little more about Islam. He could introduce you to some Muslim girls, there are many attending the University of Utah, if you are from Utah, or you can contact the Muslim Student Association on your own so as to keep things anonymous. If your relationship with him is for the purpose of marriage, and I think you are serious because you are concerned about the respectability of him, then you should encourage him to follow Islamic morals and prevent any physical relationship. Obviously, you are already dating, in Islam that is not permitted without a chaperone or ‘Nikaah’ but, you cannot go back. Instead, I really think your interest to learn about Islam and to encourage your boyfriend to follow Islam will lead you to a true path. Of course, Imam knows best. If you marry him without converting, your marriage is not recognized in Islam and that would be something that would alienate him from his family and community. As far as being accepted as a Hindu in our community, as people are more educated and times change, Muslims really are more accepting of others, we have many, many nationalities of Muslims even Hispanics but, the key is practicing Islam not just converting to marry. him. I have a member in my family that married a Hindu convert whom he met at an Islamic event. We were very pleased that she chose Islam on her own. Of course, only your boyfriend knows his own parents feelings but, an Imam can sometimes help in this manner, after conversion.
    Peace be with you and may Allah(swt) guide you and give you strength. Ameen.

  2. Asslamualaikum, its so great to know that this girl is trying to keep for herself and someone who is Muslim. To share, I am revert as well. I converted to Islam a few ago, but learnt proper Namaz this Dec, jazakAllah. I am married to a Muslim man now mashaAllah, who couldn’t be any more perfect mashaAllah. But I am still trying for my family to introduce them to Islam, its very complicated (but not in the eyes of Allah tallah). I would ask for prayers for all Umaah, my husband, myself and our families inshaAllah. Allah tallah is the all knowing, Oft Forgiving, Oft merciful. Sister you might be thinking I am keep referring God as Allah – Do not that is the first step towards Islam – Believing there is non worthy of worship except Allah, and Prophet Mohammad salalahualaihiwasallam is Allah’s messenger (last messenger). May Allah tallah protects you and all from evil of this world and fire of hereafter InshaAllah.

    • I am in a very similiar situation. I am a LDS woman and my fiancee is muslim from jordan. I want to get married in his religion and feel like we are doing it right. Eventually I would love to learn more about his religion. I am trying even though it is very confusing. I would love some feedback explaining what I can do to have a happy marriage but also uphold his and my honor.