‘I love a Girl’

Q: AsSalaam Alaykum…Bismillah…I love a  Girl(she is good muslima)… I prayed Isthikara ,she came in my dream and i repeated the Isthikara 5 times….Everytime i got a positive signs… so i said to her to pray Isthikara, subhanallah, i came in her dream also…so i promised to marry her…Now  we are studying, we cannot get marry now…My question is what are the things are allowed between me and her? what we have to do now…please Advice me…Jazakallah Khair…

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
We are living in strange times. Sadly, due to the many temptations that exist for both — men and woman, my advice would be as follows:
Since you both are in love and both of you are Muslims, take the matter to both your parents/guardians. Should they refuse to tend to this matter, find a respectable person that has both of your interest at heart to better assist this situation. Gain the proper approval from guardian/parents, etc and proceed with a simple nikah.

Upon nikah (marriage)  you both can continue with your studies, even though you may chose to live or study separately. Do not delay your marriage if this relationship is going to tempt you both towards wrongful behaviors. Even if you both performed a simple ceremony and chose to live separately, you can communicate openly and thus not be involved in sin or that which resembles sin. Until such a point, your communication must be very limited and within the parameters of religion.

Merely because you are a student does not necessarily mean that you would not be distracted as a result of ‘waiting’ for marriage. This is often a parental misnomer. In fact, many have the good intention of not getting married during their studies, only to find this more difficult due to the temptations that surround them. It affects student grades and tempts them towards haram. You must evaluate your situation carefully so as to attain a maximized benefit with regards to both — your religion and your studies.

May Allah (SWT) assist you in making the right choice, ameen
Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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