what else can i say?!

Q: I am getting frustrated. I have a muslim friend that keeps asking me why is salah five times a day. Why can he not just do it once a day What do I tell him? He does not want answer from quran and hadith. he wants logic. thanks(text)

A: Ask your friend: why is his nose not on the back of his head? Why does he have two nostrils? Could not one suffice?

Some things are just the way they are. Not much we can do about it.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

3 responses to “what else can i say?!

  1. Tell your friend that Allah SWT has blessed us so much that he wants us to keep him in remembrance as much as possible for our own good. Allah wanted us to pray 40 times yet our beloved prophet PBUH knew we will be unable to do so and due to his love and care for us he asked for more & more reduction till he left with 5 times. This is so we pray as much as possible and be grateful for Allah’s blessings every phase of the day. Salat makes us clean and keeps us away from inappropriate/shameful sins, not to mention Satan. Allah loves us so much he wants our lives blessed but he wants us to earn Jannah and whoever wants rewards of both worlds should follow these rules without any doubts in his heart.

  2. Although we do not know he secret however if we contemplate it in the light of a hadith in which the prophet SAW says the parable of the one who prays five times is like the one one who takes a bath five times in a river next to his home
    Here in is the sign for
    Henxe we can derive that the purpose of salat is to wash away minor sins

    The method in which we accumulate sin is through our five senses

    So may be the purpose is to wash away the sins od using these five senses in the disobdience of the all mighty who gave us these!

    Hence five salaats

  3. As-salaam-alaikum. I wonder why a Muslim friend is questioning salat and in turn Allah (swt). Maybe he is just doing this to get on your nerves and to see how much knowledge you have to defend your actions and his insecurity for not praying. Don’t let him/her get under your skin. Next he will be asking how do you know Allah (swt) really exists. I always tell non-Muslims that if we remember Allah (swt) 5 times a day and stop what we are doing to thank Him (swt) then we would truly appreciate everything we have and be a better person. But, for a Muslim, he/she should know that it is because it is decreed by Allah (swt) and sometimes that just has to be the answer, just like the reason we don’t eat pork; we think it is because it is bad for our body and the animal is dirty (eats waste, etc.) and it can cause trikileosis?… if not cooked properly but, the truth is, Allah (swt) decreed it and we have faith. When you pray, ask Allah (swt) to give him guidance.