i want to stop being haunted on happy days

Q: salam alykim shiek,

I did not fast Tuesday thinking it was eid. When I came to the masaajid on wednessday and saw the eid crowd and that Islamic society did not place attacks on any other center I realized Tuesday was the wrong day for my eid. My mom is mad about wrong day eid. My fasther fasted on Tuesday because he follws a shiek that told him not to follow mecca but The Rasool sallawhoalysalam. Anywaz also I saw the websites that says NO one saw the MOON in the whole united states on monday night. Also I saw in arab news that Arabia could not see the moon. Is it too late to do shawal fast. And what about fasting on day of of eid on Tuesday? (Email)

Answer: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

I am glad you have emailed me; it means you possibly want to change. One cannot say that ‘because you did not attack another center or because the crowd was huge, or because I now realize Saudi Arabia did not see the moon, therefore I want to do a makeup.’

Islam and fasting is not based on how many people attend a given Eid session, nor is religion based on the fact that if a given country accepts a particular position on the matter, then all must accept it. If your criterion is merely based on some of the above, you are better off not attending events in which people are trying hard to do the correct thing at all times. We want to limit the Wrath of Allah (SWT) upon our religious institutions.

On the bright side,  merely do a makeup of the Tuesday wrongfully missed fast with the following recommendation in mind: oh Allah (SWT) my heart was influenced the wrong way due to my sins. Oh Allah (SWT) I am sorry. Oh Allah (SWT) please accept my makeup fast and apology for eating on the day Your servants were fasting and gaining Your Mercy. Oh Allah (SWT) I know that fasting out of the month of Ramadaan cannot ever give me the same blessing s fasting in Ramadaan, but I beg for the best from You, for You are the Most Merciful and Most Forgiving, Ameen.

Change your life as well as approach to matters, insha-Allah; Allah (SWT) would make you from amongst the best, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

One response to “i want to stop being haunted on happy days

  1. Regarding this given response, i have received an email that claims i was a little harsh, if not rude. I do appreciate this observation. Sadly, the person that sent this email also sent another one that belittled this society without merit, additionally picked on a few nationalities which i found unfair. I do appreciate your email correction of my personality as well as not being sensitive to this person.
    May Allah (SWT) reward you.