6 fast of shawaal

Q: 1) In ramadhaan I had my menses. So i want to know imaam for shawal fast the 6 you mentioned in khutba do makeup first or keep shawal fast first then makeup? all at once? 2) Also you mentioned it in Arabic why did you not tell us about the fasting and sadaqah rules in English? Just for the benefit of the nonarabs. Thanks (text)

A: 1) It is best for a woman to do her fard makeup then to do a Nafl fast. If she is in great health, she may do the nafl and thereafter do her make up fast. The former would be more preferred.

One need not do all the fasting at once, she can first do her makeup fast, thereafter she can do the 6 fast of shawaal. Likewise, she can space it out within this entire month if necessary. Sooner the better for maximizing the reward and avoiding forgetfulness.

2) Time and crowd constraints sometimes minimize what can and cannot be said. I sincerely apologize.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

2 responses to “6 fast of shawaal

  1. I am confused by our answer Imam. I thought you said that the 6 fasts right after Eid is best and equivalent of a whole year of fasts but, others say you said anytime in the whole month. So, you want us to makeup missed fasts first and then the 6 during the first whole month?

    • Best is immediate. The 6 fast of shawal is nafl. What you miss is necessary to make up, therefore, some scholars have given preference to doing the makeup first, then doing the nafl (i.e. 6 of shawal)
      Some may be ill, therefore they may not be able to do the 6 fast immediately, thus, they can space it out during the month. Main thing, the fast is kept prior to the end of shawal for those wanting to keep it. The quicker one does it, the greater the reward.
      Hope this helps, i like questions that seek clarity.