Imaam learns how to backflip religion on eid matters

Q: please answer this, we are confused confused and students at the (university name withheld.) If an imaam tells us to follow moon sighting. Now he changes and tells us that we must follow ISNA because of some criteria policy. What must we do? We have started our fast with intention because we verified that the moon was not seen anywhere in the USA from a Hadith he shared with us. for safety do we continue our fast? 7:09 am. we can use college as an excuse anyway. (text)

A: Guidance is from Allah (SWT.) He gives it to whosoever He chooses and snatchers it from whosoever He chooses.

It is better if you restrict yourself from such deviant or confused persons on matters as it relates to religious rulings until they align their thinking towards true core Islamic values. Until, then, continue your fast. The Quran instructs: Do not invalidate your (good) actions.’

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

2 responses to “Imaam learns how to backflip religion on eid matters

  1. As-salaam-alaikum. It is commendable that you want to do what is truly right in fasting. Alhamdu-lillah. I like the Imam’s simple reply but, I would like to add that the Imam is an ALIM, which requires a certain number of years of education in Islam; as you are a college student you would understand listening to your professor who has formal education in a subject versus a professional student who has attended college for many years. I am sure that the person who advised to now go by ISNA is not a scholar. If you have doubt, read the hadith yourself. Sometimes people want to do what is convenient, i.e. designate Eid holiday way, way in advance without sighting of the mooon or follow their own countries. It is known that Saudi Arabia has made mistakes, even for the Hajj so, we should not follow another country. Our Holy Quran is a futuristic word of Allah (swt) and nowhere has it indicated that when the means are available, which Allah (swt) knew it was to come, that we should use these means to determine Ramadan or Eid. There are also people who are educated in Islam but, not scholars who do not believe in Sunnah. If we are to be good, pious Muslims we are to follow the example of our Prophet (peace be upon him) and even He (pbuh) did not allow a follower to have Eid in Mecca when He (pbuh) sited the moon in Medina (maybe the cities were the other way around) so, what better example do we need? The Imam has shown on his website the benefit of moonsighting and referred to Hadith. Always know you will not go wrong if you follow Holy Quran and Hadith.

  2. Q&A or writing program of opinion?

    I’m just asking for clarification; is this site a place of question and answer, right? if its than why is there a comment area and so many start writing their point-of-view….isn’t the imam’s answer sufficient for us to take? I’ve visited couple of Q&A websites and it has the answer, the person takes it or leaves it, but this website I see many writings “also in Islam, it teaches us, or sister/brother you should take my advice”, what is this some kind of game? Imam has the knowledge and we seek his answers not other people’s input or advices, in my opinion scholar’s advice must be sufficient for us to take! I just head that in me so had to take it out, but sorry if it sounds harsh, but plz do clarify!