eye drops — fasting

Q: Can eye drops be used while fasting? (text)

A: Yes.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

4 responses to “eye drops — fasting

  1. Assalam Alaikum,
    How come eyedrops can be used while fasting? Some eyedrops are absorbed systemically so wouldn’t eyedrops fall under the same ruling as insulin?

  2. Eye drops can drain into the tear duct system which is has alot of tiny blood vessels in the area and goes into the blood stream.

    • Based on such similar thinking as presented by your answer, the scholars too have given allowance for the usage of eye drops. (The question posed to you by us was to test your key understanding of fasting: based on what you too have noted, it is not about the blood stream as much as it is about that which passes (or does not pass) the throat, that which goes (or does not go) into the stomach, etc that creates the ruling of allowance (or lack of allowance).)
      Bottom line if anyone is still confused: eye drop usage does not go into the stomach or down the throat thus one can use it. (dictated to student#745)