do not try to make my drinking haram! puh-lease

Q:  السلام عليكم 
Is it makroh to drink water from a bottle with a straw ?
Jazakum Allah kair
Time: Friday August 12, 2011 at 8:09 pm

Q: Is it haram to drink tea. I was told it is haram because islam does not like putting hot things in the mouth. Is this true? (text)

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

May the Almighty bless you both for your question and seeking clarification. Everything has a method. For example, to drink things that are scalding hot is not part of religion. However, if an item that needs to be consumed can only be consumed when hot due to the nature of that item, then to drink tea that is would not be forbidden. Otherwise, tea would not be tea to some and drinking it would defeat the purpose for a tea drinker. (Resulting in headaches, etc.) Likewise, some people cannot grasp rice with their fingers, the rice just slips troughs and makes a big mess – even after number tries, thus eating with a spoon would be allowed and not a resemblance of nonmuslim eating habits (for this person.)

Thus, it is not whether a straw can be used or not used. It all depends on the context and situation. Some wo/man may not be comfortable placing a bottle upon their lips (mainly in public, and I too find it undignified and repulsive that a any respectable person would place anything in the likes of a bottle their mouth while prancing around in public view.) It would be more virtuous and modest to use a straw when one is consuming a beverage, etc.  Similarly, a sick person due to immobility may need to use a straw, thus eliminating the conclusion of karahat/makrooh.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.  

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