salah and the washing of clothing

Q:  Salam, I have recently discovered that washing powders and detergents can contain animal by-products and alcohol, I have tried to contact companies  such as persil and surf as this is what i use, but i have had no feedback i have also tried to find washing powders that don’t contain theses impurities but i can’t finf none. So i don’t no what to do i need clean clothes but will my salah be accepted even though i have doubt of the clothes i pray in. please can you let me no as soon as possible.Thank you
Time: Wednesday August 3, 2011 at 4:50 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
Rule: Salah would be accepted with such detergents upon your clothing, primarily due to the extensive change that has transpired from its original state, (as well as its minuscule amount being used as part of the ingredient list.)
Advice: In your case, since you seem like an obedient servant of Allah (SWT) and wanting to do the correct thing, i would recommend that you have a few sets of clothing that you use only for a salah — clothing you have washed without such (animal product) detergent, this way your heart would not be restless. Give Allah (SWT) the most pure and inshalAllah you shall gain the greatest acceptance from Allah (SWT).
Allah Certainly Knows Best.

3 responses to “salah and the washing of clothing

  1. Salam my dear,

    Your care and self restruction to follow the right path is admirable. About the washing detergents, there are listing available and books on islamic book stores which have lists of all products which we muslims can use since this is not just the case of washing clothes but dishes, shampoos, conditioner and tooth pastes and most importantly edibles. Please find a good muslim book store in your area where you can review and choose or there are some online stores as well so make sure you ask questions before you buy the book or lists. I know one Arm & Hammer Detergent (for clothes) and Dawn dish liquid which I buy which are free of lard etc but you can find more in a book by a reliable source. Jazzak Allah

  2. Salam,
    Also try “Whole Foods” store, they have natural products. I actually couldn’t find any deodorant without any kind of alcohol in it (my understanding is application on the body in this form is okay since it’s not being consumed). Finally found one at Whole Foods.