old fast or new fast?

Q: Imam, i am really concerned if i have completely made up all of my missed fasting(due to menses). I feel like not the last ramadan but the one before i forgot to make up some days, however i am not sure exactly. Should i just fast with the intention of making up those days now? even if im not sure of the number but can guestimate?
Time: Wednesday July 6, 2011 at 11:35 pm

A: This Ramadhan you would be keeping what needs to be kept for this year’s Ramadhan. Once this Ramadhan is over, immediately start to do your makeup for previous outstanding fasts.

You are liable/responsible for past missed fast, not making them up would constitute a sin.

If health conditions limit you from an immediate Qadha, then make it up as soon as conditions improve.

Allah Certainly Knows.


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