nose bleed, makeup, nail biting and the fast

Q: 1) Nose bleeding break my fast? 2)Wearing makeup break my fast? 3)does biting nails break the fast? (phone in-answer to be given online)


1) If the blood went down the throat and you could taste the blood, then this fast would have to repeated. Likewise, if the blood swallowed was equal to the amount of saliva in your mouth or more than the saliva in your mouth, then this too would call for a repeat of this fast. By contrast if nothing went down the throat, your fast would remain valid, likewise, if the amount that seeped down the throat was less than the saliva, your fast would not need to be repeated.

2) No. Ensure that the taste of lipstick etc. does not get into your mouth and thus down your throat. Thus, it would be advisable to not wear lipstick like products.

3) No. (It would be more advisable to eat a great suhur and iftar than try and depend on nails that could be filled with unwanted gems.)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


One response to “nose bleed, makeup, nail biting and the fast

  1. As-salaam-alaikum. I like the answer that the Imam has given especially about the biting of the nails. We are not supposed to keep our nails long or grow them but, of course, I knew the reason is for hygiene but didn’t think of not getting germs. Since I am a mother who cooks the meals for my family, I keep the nails short also because of transferring germs but, it never occcurred to me about biting the nails and getting the germs. Interesting. thanks for the question.
    Jazakullah Khair.