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Q: Asallam Imam,
I have a question about a dream. I recently got married and everything has been working out great Alhumdulilah. But Lately I have been having weird dreams about a child. I see a baby boy (very handsome) and I am always holding him in my arms. There are points in this dream where I am feeding the child and he makes these really loud gulping sounds. So in the dream I say MashAllah I’m lucky Allah has blessed me with so much milk to feed my baby. After a little while I place him down to fall asleep and come back to check him and hes gone. So in my dream I am running around trying to find my son. But by the end of the dream hes back in my arms and it was all a dream inside of my dream.
Dear Imam, I would love to know what this means I am really confused becasue I have had this dream about 4 or 5 times already.
I look forward to your respons.
Jazakmullah Kher
Answer: You would undergo moments of much grief.
A time would also come when you would be prosperous.
(the order of the above may not be known, that only Allah (SWT) is most aware of)
Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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