‘I am writing for some guidance’

Question: Salaam dear Imam. I am writing for some guidance. I’ve been doing research on the Muslim religion and have questions (many many questions) and am looking for a mentor, if you will, or someone to guide me in reverting. Can you direct me to someone who can do this? Thank you!! Salaam Alaykum

Shila M McLemore
Time: Tuesday June 7, 2011 at 11:19 am

Answer from Br Nadeem (social department):

Dear sister, وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

First, may Allah accept your efforts in researching Islam and make this wonderful transition easy for you. Ameen! Welcome to the fold of Islam! And with glad tidings that Allah (swt) forgives all past sins of those who revert to Islam. Secondly, it’s of utmost importance that you get in touch with the right people who can guide you properly at every step of this transition – and even after that. Thirdly, I’d encourage you to find a sister who’s “religiously” well-informed and can teach you issues that pertain to women in Islam. Additionally, these are some general guidelines that will help you to adhere to the correct teachings of Islam, Insha Allah.

  •        Establish a close bond with Allah (swt) and continue asking Him for guidance at every step of the way all thru your life, and make Him the priority in your life.
  •        Make sure you stay in-touch with the right people who can guide you properly. Starting with the community Imam would be the first step in the direction.
  •        Keep Aaqida – the Islamic doctrine or the core Islamic belief system – straight, simple, and pure i.e. believing in the oneness of Allah (swt), believing in the finality of the Prophet Mohammad (pbhu), the firm belief in the complete message of the last and the final book of Allah “The Quran’, and the other essentials of tenets of faith.
  •        Always ask questions to the scholars who have properly learned the deen (religion). Stay away from asking questions from anyone who appears to be religious.
  •        Abstain from injecting your own opinion in the matters of deen. There’s no such thing as: “In my opinion or I think or I believe it should be this way or that way” or “what is right and wrong as per your likings or disliking”. All matters are known and established in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah (practiced and/or approved lifestyle) of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). All you need to do is to find out rather than devising your own opinion.
  •        Stick to the well established and agreed upon traditions of the known jurists – who have made deen easier to understand for laymen rather than letting everyone do his/her laborious work in trying to figure out even the simplest matters of the deen. There are many but these four are the most well-known and had done the extensive and mandatory research in deeni matters for all of us:  Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ahmed bin Humbal, Imam Shaf’ee, and Imam Malik. May Allah be pleased with all of them.
  •        Stay away from deviant groups or the groups that have made the core belief system of Islam convoluted and difficult to understand and thus hard to follow.
  •        Remember that Allah always helps those who are sincere in their intentions and constantly seeking guidance from Him.
  •        Remain kind and caring to your parents with being mindful that they have sacrificed enormously in your infancy when you were vulnerable and in your upbringing. Also, be obedient to them as long as they do not ask you to do shirk with Allah i.e. ascribing partners with Allah (swt).
  •        Do not sever ties with your blood relatives, but deal with them in the best manners possible.

Again, may Allah help you in your endeavors and keep you steadfast and persevere in the Islamic lifestyle you have chosen for you, and become means of guidance for others as well. Ameen!


One response to “‘I am writing for some guidance’

  1. As-salaam-alaikum. If you are in the Salt Lake area, the Imam recites, translates and explains the Holy Quran on Friday evenings at Khadeeja Mosque in West Valley City. In addition, coming to Friday afternoon prayers who can listen to his sermon, which is in English, which our congregation finds very informative and the Imam has office hours to recommend proper literature to get you started. Because women are not required to attend Friday prayers, you may not have the opportunity to meet many on Fridays but, coming will be most beneficial to you. If you are not in the greater Salt Lake area, find your local mosque in whatever state you are in and they can tell you what classes are offered.